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Camera in Arena totally broken and cannot PVP.


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I have max camera distance set to 400 and i have disabled all the mouseover Options.

Everytime Tag match starts im right up to my char and have to zoom out.

In the match every time i go in im max zoomed to the char and have to zoom out.

Cannot do anything since i cannot see anything and after i have zoomed out my time in the ring is also out.

With the camera as it is for me i cannot play PVP.


Also i cannot ever get the same max zoom than when im out of pvp match. I think the problem is with camera collision that broken and you can see this if you are in the game and someone you are following with camera is near the edge. If you turn your camera to the edge it will zoom and will not go back to max after but is stuck to where it was and if its completely broken it will collide with player chars also and then you are always max zoomed when going to tag. Prolly atleast 2 diff cameras and camera controllers are f'ed up.

Is there some conf file i can change still?


Not that it matters too much since i have 3 chars with which i try to do PVP daylies and 90% of times people in my team are either AFK or bots.


Got to say with these issues this is one of the worst PVP experiences in any games like this that try to be serious PVP game.

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Support seems to be bit like comic relief. Made me jump through about 25 different fixes which i know would not help but did them anyway (don't ask me why).

Every thing they said to me was straight copy/paste from somewhere and after all this time the last info they send me when i was almost begging for something was:

"Sorry for the inconvenience and confusion this had caused you but the zooming of the camera when each PVP starts is part of the game mechanics and working as it is intended. 
Please be informed that this could not be removed nor alter but you could create a new forum post to request input about the problem. Since our devs are active and constantly looking for some issues in the forums which giving the players a hard time. 
I hope this clear things up with you, if you still have questions please don't hesitate to contact us again.


Ps. I have been involved in few coding and software design game development, jobs but im not in any sense of the wor a pro, in the field but even i have made better camera controller than this, sorry to say :( 

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