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  1. Tribute to NCWest

    Oh keep on doing the Pay to Win elements when you promised that this game is NOT going to be pay to win .... pretty sad that this is all you can do for us players who dont have daddy and mommy at our sides paying for everything we ask for ...... Really Disappointed ...
  2. do you really think they will answer ? sadly they wont , but yea , none of my friends are actually playing the game anymore ... they got fed up .. i'm on the edge decision of uninstalling the game or not . the only reason i log on is the daily throve , nothing else
  3. Tribute to NCWest

    they both already suck XD tho hackers are really pissing me off ... there are too many of them
  4. Tribute to NCWest

    here comes the rage : i was playing at 2AM no lag whatsoever ... i was rank 20 on the ladder .... today at 4PM i lag like hell i'm down to r 200 ... probably my ISP right ?
  5. Tribute to NCWest

    i feel you
  6. Tribute to NCWest

    strange , i played arenas like half an hour ago and i managed to push top 20 .. i didn't lag that much .. it was still noticeable but not as hard as daytime
  7. Tribute to NCWest

    thats funny idd. They should add obstacles like that for every npc so bots would not reach them X'D
  8. Tribute to NCWest

    obviously , i just happened to find those bots when i was leveling my FM with my friend ,and when i skipped 10 hours i logged in and the exact same bots were there .. and those bots were all above 47... like what the hell ? why would they run in and out of the dungeon a million times ? do they level up with some exploit ? many questions were asked that day .... none of them were answered
  9. Tribute to NCWest

    Yes i am in EU. :( I really hope they will prove your wrong , but yea...i'm losing hope too. I'll wait.... wait for something to happen . Blizzard is failing too tho obv not gonna name games here but ... still you can guess :P
  10. Tribute to NCWest

    i can't help the fact that i think this is only for brushing off all the "small pest" aka the players with issues : / i am too playing WoW and other games ... never once i lagged in wow in the past 2 weeks ,but whenever i log bns and enter arena i get these 1-3 second delay spikes (shown in the video)
  11. Tribute to NCWest

    Hi there ! This is not a hate topic , also not a rage topic ... it is simply my disappointment ,not in the game but the way NCWest is leading it .... at first i did not want to accept the fact that my beloved game is failing so hard . Been hyped for the game for over 4 years , it's finally here and .... (continuing below the video) I hate to see where this is going .. Godriki was the first person that cleared my vision . No not by saying BDO is better , i don't like BDO AT ALL . i think its a shit game compared to BnS ...but there are some facts .... The fact that NCsoft is trying to catch up to korea so we can finally get into esports is a really good way ...BUT NOT LIKE THIS ... .you completely ignore whats really important ! The players and their needs ! You release content too fast when more than 70% of the player base is not even awakened weapon let alone accessories ! ... I've seen many bots , i dont hate them in arena cuz they are easy target...but thats NOT THE ISSUE HERE ! The server economy the gold rate everything is ruined by them ... even the feel when you are playing with your friend(s) and you run into 10-30 bots every level ...especially at instance entrances ! And here comes the most crucial thing ... Hackers ... they are everywhere ! Arenas Soulstone Plains Worldbosses ... And there is the LAG ! Especially in arena servers ... its unbearable almost half of the pvp players are complaining about LAG in arena but 0 lag outside ... this can ofc be caused by our own ISP but NO , for most of us atleast .. i dont lag at all in any other game , my ping barely hits 30 out of BNS arena ... I'm trying so hard to love the game , but i can barely get myself to log on even for the daily treasure let alone doing dailies .... It really pains me how NCWest is ruining one of the greatest games there are ! If you are going to delete this topic please atleast read til' the end ... i'm not trying to spread hate or anything , but instead trying to help the NC Devs open their eyes . We don't need content .. we need you to focus on your current game first ! Work on them .. we , the playerbase saw too few things to be able to say : yea NCWest is working on it ! We can be patient and it will be fixed ... no we can't ... Bots have been around since launch , same goes for hackers .... Please NCSoft/West ...this is not a demand/rage/swear topic ...this is literally a BEG TOPIC on behalf of all the players Please NCSoft/West ... Focus on whats important ! the players ! Even if we catch up to Korea , what will you achieve with 1/3 of the original playerbase ? there will be no competition ! Thank you for reading (if you did) , and thank you for letting us play this great game for free !
  12. well, whatever floats your boat :X
  13. Character beauty contest for fun

    BD : WL :
  14. well this is PVB , so ye X'D i love the game even now ,and these bots gave me any my friend a good laugh ... but still its downing so fast unfortunately