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  1. FM v gets bugged sometimes

    I can confirm this bug, though I don't know what caused it.
  2. [CLOSED] Aeon

    bump still recruiting.
  3. [CLOSED] Aeon

    STATUS: 8/9/16 - WE'RE OPEN FOR RECRUITMENT. Current requirements: LV50+ and 550+ AP. All classes are welcome! Extra love for Assassins and KFM!!! :D Please don't reply here cause I rarely check back and this forum sucks (no email notification). Just pm or mail me ingame directly if you're interested.
  4. Arena FPS

    This bug exists in all versions of BnS (even KR) for years, and they haven't fixed it. You think they will fix it just because NA say so? lol
  5. Flawless Gem Transmuting

    It's 100% success rate. They said it in one of their streams.
  6. Producer's Letter – 6/09 Livestream Questions

    Q: I heard in TW/JP, Seraph's effect was changed from "when hit" to "on hit" (like Baleful). Will NA get that change?
  7. other legendary weapons?

    We won't be getting any other weapon, at least not this year. Check the producer's letter: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/blade-soul-producers-letter/
  8. [CLOSED] Aeon

    STATUS: 6/5/16 - WE'RE OPEN FOR RECRUITMENT. Current requirements: LV50+ and 550+ AP. All classes are welcome!
  9. 5 players LFG

    Hi, if you guys are still looking for an active guild. We have 5+ spots available at Aeon. We generally have 10-20 on at the same time and many more active everyday. We also do every dungeon 2/4/6m daily (or farming). See: PM Seishin, Seisho, spark, sight, or Vanguards for invite.
  10. [CLOSED] Aeon

    STATUS: 5/16/16 - WE'RE OPEN FOR RECRUITMENT. Current requirements: LV50+ and 530+ AP. We're in need of assassins, so they will have higher priority. But other classes are welcome.
  11. [CLOSED] Aeon

    Hi, sorry this forum sucks. Didn't realize there was a reply. Please PM Seishin, Teiji, Seisho, spark, or sight ingame when you get the chance.
  12. Ground counter bug

    Perhaps going into details on what and how to trigger this bug, so they can understand it?
  13. Falling into a glitch

    Press Escape, then select Escape. Or try warping?
  14. Sorry to burst your bubble. The bots are still there (just removed from ladder to make it looks like they're gone). My guildmates fought the diamond hacker summ that was in the top 10 awhile ago. He was nowhere on the ladder anymore but he's still alive.
  15. I don't think they care what you do or don't do. You're just wasting your time if you follow him around just to snipe the mobs. rofl