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Livestream: Silverfrost Dungeons 03.24.2016


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You can find the complete VOD of our Silverfrost Dungeon Livestream here!


Some of the highlights include:


00:10:58 Welcome to the stream!


00:12:49 How to create dungeon lobby


00:13:50 GZ to Bethany Stout aka Rukkirii for World First Hongmoon level 10


00:14:50 [Dungeon] Chuanka Frost Cavern


00:20:40 Which weapon upgrade path will be cheaper/more efficient?


00:21:30 What’s going on with Act 4 ch 33?


00:22:50 Will we have more ways to get fabric in the future?


00:22:58 [Dungeon] The Shrieking Caverns


00:23:32 When is the next update?


00:24:30 Next update not in 2 days confirmed


00:24:52 Jonathan GM noob mistake


00:25:40 References!


00:26:25 More References!


00:29:06 Music Swells.


00:29:24 What’s happening with the achievement merchant?


00:32:57 [Dungeon] Ogong’s Folly.


00:32:58 Will we ever get Yu Chun’s haircut?


00:33:10 Yu Chun is Bethany’s Bae, and she tells Jonathan every day.


00:33:42 Incorrect voiceover for Yu Chun and Soha.


00:35:10 The thing about monkeys is...


00:36:24 Pro CC chaining.


00:38:35 Will the costume delivery stamp be usable on all costumes?


00:40:49 Is the Silverfrost Soul available in this patch?


00:41:17 [Dungeon] Talus Dungeon


00:43:05 Duck cat is best cat.


00:46:12 Go Donutlicious!


00:49:13 Jonathan DON’T


00:50:45 Will anything be done about Faction balance?


00:51:28 Jonathan had one job...


00:52:21 Are there any plans for character transfers?


00:53:26 Nerf Scummoners.


00:53:44 Will there be more outfits added to the achievement merchant?


00:53:56 [Dungeon] Tainted Lab


00:54:50 Will there ever be more ways for factions to cooperate more efficiently?


00:56:30 Bethany goes hardmode.


00:56:40 When will the final chapter be released?


00:57:38 Now I have a machine gun... Ho. Ho. Ho.


00:58:24 Will the Silver dragon outfit ever be available from the Hongmoon Store?


00:59:15 Will we ever get the battle pets from the other versions?


00:59:47 Can we please have a kick feature?


01:00:15 Are there plans for a Warlock PvP balance patch?


01:00:44 When is the next PvP season?


01:01:24 How do we participate in the Grand Harvest Square Festival event?


01:02:16 Five channels for the event.


01:03:12 Bethany’s fat crits.


01:03:24 Is Hongmoon XP on hold until level 50?


01:05:00 Male Lyn walk 10/10 GOTY


01:06:15 Thanks for coming and running the dungeons with us!


01:06:30 Follow all the things!

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