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Inconsistent Voice Overs


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May Contain Spoilers Below

I know there's been some talk about this already, and that some are already listed in Known Issues, but I wanted to report a couple I've heard so far. Not sure how to do spoiler tags, sorry.


- Namsoyoo has a different VA in the new Act, aside from the first cutscene where we see her.

- Geban at Granny's Inn has two different voice actors. One seems to be used for the quest, while another takes over when you talk to him generally.

- The Grand Harvest Square instance at the start of Act 4 has different voice actors for the system messages and the NPCs.

- Gwon in Chapter 14 has a different VA

- Jinsoyun in Act IV Chapter 20 sounds a little different than usual, but maybe the VA didn't deliver the lines the same way as previously.

- Lusung in Act IV Chapter 22 is a different VA than previously.

- The monks in Chapter 22 that you talk to are missing some voice overs.

- Tracker Captain Gung Woo in Chapter 25 has different voice actors for the system messages and his speech while fighting him.


Please feel free to add any more that you come across while playing through the new update.

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