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  1. No Subtitles in Act 10

    I've played through Act 10 completely on one character and I'm starting a second one. None of the cinematics have subtitles. I have the subtitle option enabled in my settings. I did play through on my first character with the KR font mod, but I disabled it so the game has no text/font mods at all, and there are still no subtitles. Anyone else experience the same? Kind of unfortunate that there aren't any subs. Additional confirmations in the reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/c3cikx/act_10_subtitles/ As an example, this screenshot is during a cutscene where I think Mushin is speaking? I took the screenshot as the voice over was happening, no subtitles to be found. https://i.imgur.com/Z1K4fsw.png List of cutscenes with speaking parts and no subtitles (possibly incomplete)
  2. Still asking

    It's what the game uses for the teleporting effect when using a dragon pulse. It puts your character against that spinning oval and faces the camera at it so it looks like you are in a time-warp-like tunnel. You can see them in many instances if you look hard enough. An easy example is in Desolate Tomb. In the room where you have to jump up to the top to open the portal to boss 2, backstep (ss) into the wall on the left, and below you will be a red spinning portal like this.
  3. Can't recruit if people leave

    Yep, I've had this happen in multiple dungeons since the patch. It says "Party recruiting has not started" or similar when trying to recruit people after someone leaves. When it has happened to my parties, it would not recruit a 6th member if we were only 5 but if we were 4 members or less it would recruit up to 5 members and then stop again, not recruiting a sixth. It even doesn't always work when transferring lead or having the leader leave the dungeon and recruit outside.
  4. Taikhan Phases

    Hey everyone, hoping someone could tell me what my party was doing wrong during Taikhan. I had watched a few videos to learn the mechanics and things were going fine until he had probably less than 35-40% HP. After he did the charge and we blocked him, he would no longer return to the middle to do his room-wide aoe, and instead would just throw from one end of the room to the complete opposite which made it really difficult for the whole party to get to the safe zone without stacking quite a few poisons. He would repeat this until everyone died by poison, or until he enraged. In the videos I watched, this never seemed to be the case, and they could kill him easily by just rinse-and-repeating the mechanics. Why did he do this? I should note that he was being grabbed right after his charge. Is this the reason he skips jumping to the center? Or did we somehow skip the phase entirely by DPSing too quickly? This was my first run, but I play FM so I don't think it was by my accord that he behaved that way, unless it was because of damage. Thanks, I couldn't find an answer anywhere. Edit: Err, well... Okay. I watched another video and saw he did basically the same thing so I guess it's normal for him to do that? But I suppose the grab reduced the time we had to damage him, because we hardly did any damage to him before we had to run for another safe zone, which is why he reached enrage and other party members died.
  5. Cold Storage Automatons

    Okay, so pardon me for asking this probably dumb question. I play FM and always am on aggro duty for the robots... to all the ranged players out there, is there any particular strategy you have to keep all of the robots away from the boss? I watch out for his ground pound that signals which robot will activate and then hit it once with lmb/rmb, and then stand away from the boss. It becomes an issue for me when more and more robots spawn in, and I have to manage all of them at once. They seem to bounce off the wall and come back at me once they hit the other side, but when there are 3, 4, 5 out at once I have a hard time paying attention to every single one of them and standing in just the right spot so they all avoid the boss. Not considering that I have to run all the way to another robot to get its aggro, which may cause one that was previously following me to change directions and go towards the boss anyway. Any tips? Or is there some mechanic I am missing here. Should I still keep attacking the boss for DPS or just only robot duty?
  6. True Pirate changing to True Breeze?

    Well, here's the proof you needed.
  7. True Pirate changing to True Breeze?

    Nothing has changed yet o.O I have an alt sitting at True Profane and he still has a choice to go to Siren.
  8. True Pirate changing to True Breeze?

    " On June 1 the final tiers of Moonwater Plains—the Siren and Pirate weapon paths—will be retired, and any weapons on those paths will be diverted to the Silverfrost Mountains path at the next applicable evolution. " So, they will delete them. That says basically the exact same thing I said. Delete them meaning, you can't pick that path anymore and you only have the option to go to Oathbreaker. Awakened Pirate will most likely not go to Oathbreaker, because that isn't an applicable evolution. It never was. There has never been a choice at that point to go onto Oathbreaker.
  9. True Pirate changing to True Breeze?

    It does make sense. Think about it: if you have a choice now, once the patch hits, you will only be able to go the Oathbreaker route. If you don't have a choice, then it won't change. You do not have any choice at Awakened Pirate to go to the Oathbreaker path, so you will continue to True Pirate. The last choice point before True Breeze on the Siren/Pirate path is after True Siren, so after the patch, True Siren will only go to True Oathbreaker. Awakened Pirate will continue until True Pirate and then True Breeze. They won't just delete the Siren/Pirate path and anyone still on it, it will continue and break off into the Oathbreaker path as soon as it can.
  10. Pardon the quality, but here's another gif showing a comparison between the wardrobe animations vs in-world animations. You can tell that the eyebrows, eyes, pupils, and mouth all move and aren't static (how it used to be), versus how it looks in the world. @Rukkirii
  11. Alright, thanks for your response.
  12. I hope someone here knows the answer to this, I tried searching but couldn't find one. When you use an alteration voucher, does it show the outfit you are currently wearing, or can you only see the default outfits like in character creation? I would like to edit my character but not without seeing how it would look with the specific outfits I have. Thanks.
  13. Inconsistent Voice Overs

    None of the voices have been fixed so far... here's hoping this Wednesday will be different.
  14. Answered

    You're supposed to have no focus. You are severely injured/cursed at that point. A debuff appears on your screen, as well, until the quest is complete.
  15. Are NCWest and the developers looking into balancing the factions more? As it is, on Jiwan, Ceruleans overpower Crimsons in numbers by a lot. I've heard that the other servers have similar problems. Many of the story events in Silverfrost (where NPCs talk and display their messages in chat, rather than through a cutscene) have incorrect timing. For example, NPCs talk over other NPCs without letting them finish their VO, or there are long pauses of nothing between each person in the conversation, which feels very unnatural. Will these be fixed in an upcoming patch? Edit: Well, I tried putting my question in separate posts but it auto-merged them.