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Warlock bugs


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Hi, there are some really annoying Warlock bugs i'd like to report.

1) The artifical intelligence of Thrall is really poor right now, it just stands there if there are no mobs nearby being attacked and if you don't use Q or E. So if you summon it and move away a little you won't be able to use Q or E cause he will still be standing there where he was summoned and out of the command range. Plus, i have to command it multiple times for it to obey, need to press Q or E or Tab multiple times before they do what they are asked to do.

2) Mob resetting. I don't need to explain this, it's a known bug. Just reminding.

3) Initially i thought it would be because the Thrall died or because it ran out of time before finishing casting, but then i realized after testing it was indeed a bug. Sometimes Soulburn is not applied even upon successful casting, especially in dungeons with other warlocks in party when you use one Soulburn after another. And even when that happens it goes into cooldown. Also, when you use Soulburn and the Thrall dies or runs out of time, Soulburn will still go into cooldown.

Thats all for now, thanks.

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Yes I have notice this myself as well.


Unfortunately I don't think we will be seeing a fix or a mention of this anytime soon. This is not for a lack of not wanting too but they have serious issues with the game such at the moment. As people are not being able to log on and having multiple errors and disconnects. 


This is such a vibrant and immersive game but these issues need tending too. Being focus on pushing out content faster is admirable and great but that doesn't matter if the majority of the player base is not able to enjoy the gameplay for what it was meant to be. 


Hopefully all these will be looked at we can get back to playing the game.


Have a great day ... 

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1. Agree, the thrall is just dumb, i rarely use it beside exploding it for soulburn XD


2. Same, it's frustrating when they reset middle of the fight without any reason -.-


3.I'm not sure if it's a bug actualy...playing as a warlock AND with a warlock in my team, i noticed that soulburn cooldown applies to the players AFFECTED by it as well, so for example: your team has 2 warlock and 1 kungfu master, 1 of the warlocks uses soulburn, and all 3 of you gets the buff, after this soulburn will be unawailable for ALL 3 of you for 2 min, even if the other warlock uses it right after the 1st one ended.

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