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List of hacks in arena?

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Anyone got a list of all the hacks thats been going on in arena? I'm quite curious. Just fought a Summoner bot with unlimited heal and stun/daze escapes. So far I know there is:

  • Summoner resist hack
  • Summoner fly hack? (Never experienced this)
  • Destroyer bots have a "true sight" ability to see all stealth
  • Summoner unlimited heal/escapes

I know there is probably a good amount more but these are the ones I experience/see the most complained about

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Wouldn't call destroyer's "true sight" ability a hack. More just a result of them being a bot and following a script, thus always following their target. 


Summoner unlimited heals/escapes you can rename zero cool downs and I'm pretty sure take out the class limitation. 

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