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  1. Completely RNG Needs to Leave

    Yep pretty much. I joined back from a 4 month hiatus, used 30+ keys to try and get a stalker weapon from the first wheel. Didn't even get the weapon I needed. I quit again after that remembering why I quit in the first place lmao.
  2. I actually have the same question. I quit back in late February. Got my destroyer to 406 AP. Was wondering if it was worth to return.
  3. that was fun guys a long good bye

    You know a game isn't worth it when a game turns into a daily chore :s I am also unmotivated to play so to speak, not exactly quitting just yet just taking a break.
  4. Destroyer is fu*ing s*it in pvp

    Diamond Destroyer here (highest was #34, currently at #89 because had to reformat and too lazy to download BNS lol...) and yeah I can vouch for this tbh. Yeah we have the highest killing speed in the game but at what cost? We have no defensive moves what so ever. All our "defense" moves (TAB spin, C) cost 20 focus each and our shield is used primarily as an offensive tool with its stun since so many classes can turn it against us (Sin stun break, KFM Triple Kick etc etc). When looking at a class like LBD for example, with what? 10 seconds worth of resist? Not to mention they have high focus regen, have the same TAB spin as us, have Q/E dodge, AND have supreme damage, it seems a bit unfair. Not to mention their 5 second/5 hit resist comes with a 10% free heal on a 36 SECOND COOLDOWN! It really is a pain
  5. Casual players being shunned? NCSoft help?

    It really is a joke. I was just doing one of the heroic dungeons for dailies and our party got wiped. Then this Forcemaster started bitching about how us getting wiped was my fault for not killing the boss fast enough. Seriously? I have 437 AP and I only play BNS 1-3 hours a day. I do not have time to sit on my ass all day grinding for gold and gearing up to the absolute max. He also started saying how I'm trash at my class. I'm at 2234 rating in 1v1 (#39). He said it meant nothing. So many arrogant people,
  6. Knee and Summoner's stealth

    Ah figured it was something like that. Thanks guys
  7. Assassins and Bluebuff in a nutshell

    Is a sin really complaining about destroyers....?
  8. Is Knee working as intended? It is suppose to stun upon an opponents defensive skill such as Summoner's stealth but when I use it on them they stealth anyways. The *cricket*. This never happened pre-50
  9. New costumes today? (march 25th)

    Oh boy finally a maid outfit. Time to get my wallet out
  10. Giveaway in MMORPG

    where ._.
  11. Ive noticed that the lower dungeons have all the afks. I've ran E.Fleet 30+ times and not a single leech/afk. And your stats are perfectly fine. Better than mine even lmao.
  12. Where is this outfit from?

    Well hot damn I'd drop a lot of cash for that outfit
  13. Destroyers op

    "you made that up" lmao do you hear yourself? These are clear facts and stats and you're still denying them. Tell me exactly what makes Destroyers so hard to deal with?
  14. List of hacks in arena?

    Anyone got a list of all the hacks thats been going on in arena? I'm quite curious. Just fought a Summoner bot with unlimited heal and stun/daze escapes. So far I know there is: Summoner resist hack Summoner fly hack? (Never experienced this) Destroyer bots have a "true sight" ability to see all stealth Summoner unlimited heal/escapes I know there is probably a good amount more but these are the ones I experience/see the most complained about