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Marketplace localization issue (Poharan's Gun Oil / Poharan's Perfume)


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As mentioned in the latest maintenance forum post, NCSOFT changed localization issues of Poharan's Gun Oil -> Poharan's Perfume.


In-game item has been correctly renamed, no problems.


Marketplace STILL contains the old name (Poharan's Gun Oil), When searching for Poharan's Perfume, no results are given.

This creates a lot of confusion.


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19 hours ago, QueenSheba said:

It's supposed to be gun oil. Perfume makes absolutely no sense. 

True it doesn't make sense, yet ncsoft said it was ment to be perfume.


I'm not here to discuss which of the two(2) names should be taken.


I'm here to say that the in-game name doesn't match with the marketplace name, and should be fixed to have only 1 name.

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