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How do Warlock do it?


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From my experiance ppl mention Warlock to be better in pve, then pvp because of nerfs, and trough that i dont really care, because pvp is hard for me even with mb anyway, i really dont want to lack in pve. In fact i want to excell at it, the whole reason i want to start a Warlock is because my guild leader has an Fm and excells at sooooo many things in the same gear, without any real affort. Not to mention open world pvp is like easy mode for him...ppl barely damage him and he still kills so many guys...while i struggle not to get cc locked...and most ppl just focus me (ok trough i am melee anyway). 

I sort of guessed Warlock is the same way ranged nuker like Fm, so it might be as good as Fm is....I dont really like fm trough...seems boring spam.


So anyway. My question is, how does Warlock fare in this environment :  Open world pvp, dungeon solo, pve dungeon bosses. (like mushin tower and infinite tower) . As second question : i hear warlocks dont have any invinci beside ss...is that for real? How can they even get around, seems absurd to me, somethimes even 3 is to few for me in pve. Isnt that a problem? Bosses have sooo many meganukes..like last boss in Bloodshade on low hp...spamming 25k nukes. I barely manage it with Bm.

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For PvE most jobs don't have any problem with current PvE contents.

If you failed then check your gears, your built and most important thing is practice and practice make perfect.

I don't all jobs level yet but I got 3 of them at level 45 and i have no problems with PvE content, the FPS dropping is harsh for melee in some fight like BW but nothing we can't do about that since the game poorly optimization by Dev/NCsoft team.

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