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  1. As i see now, how the party is getting more stable right now we have : Fm for sure . I guess thats good for any team comp as you ppl say. Warlock . (or Destro ) Awesome again 2 ranged and a good Soul Burn buff. A summoner or KFM player. Any of it is awesome. And me. Still unsure. Played this Soul fighter upto 15, and not really feeling it . I really dont like the feel, that there are no real combos, and no aerials, you just basically switch stance to go ranged nukespammer from melee jabspammer. I consider Assasin isntead, but not sure its a good 4th cla
  2. Not all of this, but... As for support. YES ! I have to admit, for a long time i been wondering, why actually people hate trinity? Its actually good ! Why not make action combat with more roles? Tera did it, it had the best combat i ever played...somethimes even single player games pale. Instead of taking away COMBAT ROLES (that let people do more then just dps and jump away) add more...add more things to do in combat...or even "outside of combat". I remember when i played D&D in the days back, and you had to fight the xy creature, but snakes cmae out of the holes
  3. Greetings again! So after some year ish absence from the game , we return to the gam with friends, and decided to play some new class (in short). Excuding my Force master friend the rest of us seems hesitant on picking a class, because of the time consuming gearing process, so i decided to ask the community for tips. Right now as i know myself and the others mentality, we are going to collect costumes, casual run dungeons and later on with decent gear do 4 mans ofc. No one really is a fan of pvp aside me, trough i am sure they will give a shot to the new 6v6, the focus wo
  4. Whell we play on Ebon Hall, i think . We used to start from day 1, and founded a small but stable Hungarian community guild on it, but after i dropped my Blade Master, and started alting, the team started faling apart. I am still unsure, feels to much like kfm right now, but hey i still didnt get past 10 with it, healing and rezzing later on sounds really cool. I thougth its a hybrid dps only class, that is bad even in that, and has 0 utility. I really like to provide utility...(these....monorole action combat games can make gameplay a bit boring to me lately. ) I keep hearin
  5. Greetings! After almost a full year of absense, i met with a lot of my old friends and we decided to play B&S again with new classes for all. But truly i am not quite sure what to play. I played Blade Master and Assasin at first (and i still have lv 45 BM), also a KFM and a Warlock, but didnt really like any of them actually. Bm felt a bit weak generally, and tanking will get stressfull later on when we get to korea level (where you have to dedicated tank) with all the fps drops , i die to much. Kfm drive me crazy, since i hate this animation cancel concept, (cant even rea
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