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  1. I stopped around 2016 few weeks after MSP online and I was burned out tried to farm SS with shitty RNG lol (still not complete yet). I logged in last night after years and a lot of thing changed, I have a lot of item that no longer use in game, sparking gem exchange to square gems, weapon exchange to something different, level cap increased to 55...etc. Also, the game population seem lesser than it used to be back in 2016, my question is the game still enjoyable to play? Any changes to Premium membership or is it worth to buy membership or just play F2P? *Since I'm away the game qui
  2. Does these NC card still available for sale in games shop (NOT ONLINE STORE)? I was check around a few of my local gamestops and seem like the NC Coin Card discontinue and no longer available for sale. Can I get verification from NC staff regard of this information? Thanks.
  3. Wrong! the mobs reset at the spot where they are spawn in certain skill from FM or WL. So. please research before you speak...this NOTHING about lure mobs far away from their spawn point. If you have WL go to 24 mans and go to a room with 4 or 5 mobs...gather them and pop your soulshackle skill I'm pretty sure mobs that are KFM or BD classes will reset instantly without leave the damn room and ofcourse they will aggro you again since you right in front of their face.
  4. Here is funny thing. I often ended up the pointer point right at middle between 2 and 4 so the system didn't know what to do lol it can't give me 2 nor 4 so it's decided giae me 1 instead :P
  5. LOL I'm solo tank most of the time in any boss fights in any dungeon so I do know how to work around this problem because this stupid glitch won't get fix and NCsoft didn't admit something wrong in their game, why this problem exist in NA version and not in KR version? working intended? I just pissed because of their stupid "working intended" replied.
  6. Agreed with your there. The outfit it's just a cheap recolor version of Heavenly outfit from cash shop store. I'm interesting in some other stuff in current daily dash and I could use most of those thing for my character...NCsoft got credit for improving the daily dash...slowly improving but sure does better than nothing :P
  7. I spinned 1 only last 3 days :) but I'm premium and according to NCsoft we have 35 days (if they don't sudden terminated it) then I will get to the end with all spins at 1 lol
  8. Melee classes attack range 3M FM, WL, SMN range 16M and need to stay at clsoe range within 3M to avoid mobs reset...and you called that work intended? It's totally BS. Someone report the mons reseted even at 1M range and proved with his video....Working intended my asssss!
  9. hehehe I got 5 stacks (1000) of dumpling and healing tonics and around 700 keys from those dailies chest :P (probably 3000 dropped from trash mobs) Would be nice we getting something better rather than same items I get from trash mobs almost every kills.
  10. You can't. However you can submit ticket to NCsoft and ask them transfer those outfits/items.
  11. My highest character AP is 472 and the rest of my clan are 500+ and highest one is 600 (we got a few at 600 AP), that's meant I never get invite to do anything with them accept some dailies like frostscale basin since more ppls = faster kill...That's it. LOL I'm already said in some other threads that I can't keep up I'll just quit and focus on BDO since I'm already bough that game few month ago and didn't play it yet...
  12. Founder pack is over. You can buy 30 days, 90 days and 1 year premium (Buy 1 year sub will reward you an outfit)
  13. I got 7 characters and 5 of them I went with Oathbreaker and I like that path over Siren path...And few golds to buy that thing off market board pretty much nothing. Also, NCsoft gave you guys choices with weapon path because you all cried like a baby. They will remove that siren path soon or later!
  14. This is not FFXIV. Warlock has ability to wake up players aweaken skill that deal ton of damage already....Did you see a FM deal 50k damage during soulburn phase with warlock?
  15. The fee will be minor and mean nothing once you hit certain level. Another thing why would you selling something that worth only some coppers? Just trash it or sell to NPC. Also, your sell slot is limited depend on your account status, selling something that worth only for few coppers profit on market board is a waste of time.
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