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Today I quit for the foreseeable future. I'm not posting this to be talked into staying, but I do feel that customer feedback is important for a company if they wish to improve their product.  First of all I love the design and play style of this game and I really hoped that it would be an MMO to play for years to come. However, I have been highly disappointed in the way things stand.


1.) Bots and Hacks.   Yes they are in every online game that you can imagine, but I have never seen it this prevalent. Literally 2/3 of my arena matches are a bot or someone hacking. I don't have an issue fight bots, but I do not find it interesting. I feel like I'm playing PvE most of the time in arena. I have literally memorized the bot pattern and know my exact rotation for fighting them. Exactly like a PvE player would fight a boss. Hacks? Don't get me started. Zero cool down summoners. Perma flying summoners/FMS. Stealthed Blade Dancers. Teleporting destroyers. I have seen it all. And you know what? I'll see the same hackers for weeks before they finally disappear.


2.) NCsoft Intentionally releasing an imbalanced game.  I am so tired of the phrase, "Don't worry, it will be balanced at level 50."  Are you kidding me? So we're expected to just play at a disadvantage until that time? Which btw, we don't even know when the 50 patch will come.


3.) NA/EU have zero influence over balance. Rather than a world wide collaboration, bow do to the Korean overlords and hope that they feel that same way as your country.


4.) This is the big one for me.  I have to purchased 3rd party software to play my class in PvP.  I play KFM, which is notorious for requiring decent ping. While playing in the open world, my ping is a steadily 60-70. This is fine for me. I can 3rf all day long and q/e important attacks.  However, as soon as I enter the arena my ping shoots up to a minimum of 150 while it bounces up to 250 here and there.  Myself and many other people are posted about this issue. NCSoft response? I vague twitter post stating that they are looking at it. This issue is so minimal, it is not even listed on their known issues page.   I finally caved and purchased WTFast and my issue disappeared. I have a steady ping of 60-70 in arena. This is great, but it chaps my ass that I'm now paying a subscription to a third party company so that I can effectively play Blade and Soul.


I hope these issues get resolved, but I'm not sure how I feel. This feels like a cash grab and I'm the fool who paid in.

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Agree with 1 and 4. But these issues have been talked through and through, it's NCSOFT's turn to act. As for 2, I also kind of agree. However, releasing a full version upfront would've had its fair share of issues as well, namely useless content, bad difficulty scaling and ridiculous waits for new updates. On 3, it's too soon to say. Obviously, our opinions don't matter right now. But if we're to participate in world tourneys down the line, Western pros will likely have their say in balance matters. How much the opinion of pros matters to the devs is another thing.

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