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  1. The ladders still display incorrect scores.
  2. Hey bud. If you mean your clan has talking via mic as a requirement, that sounds quite unusual. You can just tell your clan leader you're not comfortable talking, and if he's not okay with it, you might want to look for another clan. I doubt being in voice outside of raids/clan 6v6 is necessary either. For raids you could mute others that are casually talking if it bothers you and just listen to the shotcallers. If you have trouble being in the Discord server (it's not purely a voice program, it also serves as a chat room) altogether, then just keep in mind you can work your way in
  3. I see way more recruits without AP reqs than with... basically every geared main won't care about others' gear.
  4. Outlaw will be 1/3 a day per stone (+ drops) so it's not a joke. Obviously it's a time investment, but if you're otherwise maxed it's the only thing to do anyway. I don't think the Awakened Badge should really be lower in cost.. it's okay, and it's not really crucial anyway. I'm nearing stage 8 myself and resets were quite frequent in the last trove (for f2p and whale trovers alike) so you can do more SKs outside your statics. They should add DGS to event rewards at reasonable prices, though, and probably will. I do agree about alts and new players being screwed over with the fused
  5. Getting reflected more damage than you deal sounds like even greater balance.
  6. Get back to me when you actually get max gear in CN instead of an artificial number like 900 AP (which by the way you get pretty much instantly after story in West along with legendary soul shields and a dozen outfits...which you may or may not like) on a server with different content and different gear systems altogether.
  7. BT was released before the AP inflation. You only need like 20-30k dps for the final boss, with 40k being more than enough. Assuming you have decent crit/cdmg and a soul badge, know how to play your class and know how the fight works, you'd be totally fine with 700-800 AP per person. Less if you play really well and/or have other stats to compensate. Realistically, though? Even though BT's been nerfed, you need that 900+ AP and BT gear to clear in pugs. Hell, you need that in "high-end" clan runs. People are so complacent and gear-carried that expecting everyone to carry their weight i
  8. A "pure heal" class is pointless because all classes have really good self sustain and taking significant damage is avoidable. To excel in healing you'd need inferior damage and/or other attributes, and no one would want a healing class in their party. Summoner's the closest you'll get to a support class.
  9. You can buy your accessories from BT 500g or less each, upgrade earring to stage 4 when you can, 350g for prem stone. You can pug BT also if you want to, can get them for cheaper still. Pet's completely irrelevant, you get one from story. Only thing you need pet for in pve is VT 1st boss as tank if ur healers suck. Soul also quite irrelevant, but last event alone got you enough oils for crit or higher. Decent soul shields and gems you get effortlessly now through daily dash/pleb raids/faction chat BT/merchant/daily deals. Bam, geared enough for all content in the game. Took years, I'm sure.
  10. You can literally do any PvE content and buy the skills with gold. Yes, it's obvious, so imagine my frustration when you really don't seem to grasp it. A "normal player" can definitely afford the skills, they just rather go for 1 stage more on their baleful 4 by buying tradable mats to convert and waste a bunch of gold for a minimal upgrade. All you're asking for is to essentially get free HM skills, how about you just say it straight.
  11. I never said it's high. If it was high, everyone doing dailies would be swimming in tokens, and instead of people complaining about F9 being too expensive, they'd direct their complaints to how it's unfair active players get free shit and how F9 is dead because whales rather buy gold from botters.
  12. "You" in general. "You" to this whole thread and everyone complaining. If you did 40/40 dailies every day, you'd see tokens. And that's the bottom line; as long as dedicated players exist, casual players will never be able to breeze through and get what they want for free.
  13. F5 has plenty of offals and Asura Embers. You NEVER were able to get any skills by "killing certain bosses for a certain amount of times", it was simply an added requirement for one skill. The drop rates remain the same as ever. The only reason any of you even attempt to farm HM skills via PvP is because it's way easier, so I don't know why there's so much whining still.
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