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So i run a win 10, I7-4770K, SLI GTX770 TI - 16GB DDR3 vengeance lp. ( for what matters i use an SSD disk )
On lowest setting, all extra effects and etc turned off + resolution of 720x480 i get 65-70 FPS that is way to low if u ask me.

On highest settings, all turned on + resolution 3440x1440 i get 35 FPS ....


before the question comes:

- Yes, i turned the max frame rates to 120....

-Yes, i tried to disable SLI



Any hints / tips to make my game a litle more enjoyable on higher settings and high frame rate ?


thanks in advance!!!

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Play a differnt games a pretty good hint :P wait till you get to endgame and everything revolves around fights that run at 6 fps and like to freeze all the time with decent hardware.


overclock your cpu, you have an unlocked multiplier, could easily push atleast 4.2 ghz.


this game does not like to actually use your gpu. i have a 960 that runs around 10-20% utilation most of the time, 40% max with nobody around. 


the game runs like poo because it was built like poo. it stinks either way you look at it. 


yah i sound pretty negative but ive been dealing with it for over a month and have tried everything and NCsoft wont even acknowledge the problem. 


ive heard rumors windows 7 runs better. to bad i cant go back. oh well, not building a new pc for one game. 


people are saying cpu bottleneck, BF4 can rip a cpu to shreds in multiplayer and that game does not forget about the 200 dollar space heater in your machine under load.... its the engine thats bottlenecked, all you can do is compensate for the fail.

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I found that the game's smoothness relies A LOT on ping. Choppy latency, ping spikes, dropped packets etc, these all make the game run like crap. Even if the fps is at an acceptable level, it still feels like you play on a potato. (I saw the difference when I started using a VPN, it made my game much more reactive/smoother with no more stopping from attacking because the button doesn't register from packet loss).


Anyway, if you have that fps in open world without being in high scale combat, then it's a problem. If not, and you have 35 fps in big fights with everything maxed out, you should be very happy. The game is just badly optimized and won't use maybe even half of your system resources.


I formatted my HDD, installed Win10, got the latest drivers and I can't see any difference in performance... only a bit of improvement on the loadings and less fps hiccups, since I don't have any more crap running in the background.


I'm afraid there's not much you can do...

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on another note, the game seems to load almost nothing during loading screens, then just kinda tears your hard disk apart for everything else it needs, again very poor memory usage. after awhile it will have everything it needs and it will be smooth, but when you zone or windstride it seems to dump resources its gonna need again, so it gets choppy and unresponsive until once again its all loaded, usually about 5 mins in depending on the area.


when i do the beach SS dailys, my fps is around 20 and choppy when i zone in and when im pretty much done its around 40 and the stalls are alot less frequent.


separate issue from the low to no gpu during BW and 24 mans, but just another example of how much of a mess this game really is. 


the compensate for crappy development workaround for this is SSD, however some people report no to little change. plus its another 80 dollars your spending to play one game.


i hope your playing a FM or Summoner, because its pretty much the only way to get kill credit on terrors and BW if your hardware cant cope with this games crap. by crappy design those classes progress easier and end upwith more gold, all because there survival does not depend on perfect timing on counters and iframes to stay alive at 6 fps lmfao. 

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