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How to deal with sins?


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What are some of the things to avoid? For instance, I know you need to avoid the dagger thing that they throw at you with SS. Even though it's basically impossible. 


Also, are they immune to all approach skills? No matter whether I approach with guiding fist, or even a leap. They always turn invisible afterwards and then proceed to *cricket* me. 


What are some strings that you use to confirm a stun? For example, recently I found out that for BDs and Destros, a good way to confirm a stun and make them burn their tab is to SS -> Smite. Or SS -> Leap, then as right as they land, Z them. Completely bypasses their spin. 

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For the first question - that's a shiruken and you will sometimes avoid it with SS.  However - when they do hit you with it (glowing dagger in your back), do the following:


1. Jump

2. Turn 180 degrees while in the air

3. Hit counter


What the shiruken does is allow them to teleport to your back and daze you.  If you're constantly jump / spin / countering you can often counter this move and avoid being dazed.  I've been practicing this after watching a video guide on it, and it really works amazingly well.  Has changed the pace of the fight dramatically and reduces the time the assassin gets to spend in stealth.


Secondly, do not use approach skills like the ones you've mentioned!!  Basically, the assassin is expecting you to try to close the gap between them.  They will do a wavy hand motion, which is a counter, and their counter puts them into stealth!  The only approach skills I ever use against assassins are flurry and flying slam .  Flurry will get countered for the first hit, but it will continue to follow them while they are stealthed and the second and third hits will land removing stealth and dazing them.  Flying Slam cannot be countered (as long as you have trained 2 points in the skill), and will hit them.  I assume the reason they're getting into stealth after your Flying Slam is either you're not using the variety that knocks them into the air, and you're attacking after it, or they're using a cooldown to get into stealth.


NOTE - Most assassins will use this incredibly annoying skill to change places with you when you use Flying Slam which will stun you and allows them to get into stealth.  Though that is not 100% the case.



To pull assassin TAB escape, I will often try to get them into the air and then use Meteor Slam.  When you get them into that position, they will frequently blow their TAB escape.  If they do not - use #4 and break their arm because it will disable their ability to counter (and prevent them from getting a stealth opportunity) for the next 6 seconds.  This gives you a good opportunity to land some solid combinations and triple kick them.


Also, if you keep right up next to the assassins as best as possible, you can usually draw their counter.  Triple kick them when they counter and they'll frequently blow their TAB escape to get away.


There's no guaranty you won't get wrecked by an assassin, but you can at least make the match much closer if you focus on core skills like avoiding shiruken attacks, saving your TAB for the best times, and keeping the assassin from staying in stealth the entire match.

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If you find SSing out of their TAB blind hard (actually I wonder if you can SS out if they do it while you grapple them?), use Ice Guard immediately after the blind. There's a short time window where you cannot use it, so jump-turn-counter during that.

Ever since I use Ice Guard I find assassin fights on my rank relatively easy. Using Q and E plentifully will also usually help matters. The longer they cannot put marks or poison on you, the less likely they are to be able to stealth.

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To addition in what has already been written Id like to add the following

Ground Counter:

Normally if you hit into it they will stun you briefly and get back in stealth, however! If you Q/E and then LMB you will resist their counter and they will get knocked out of stealth. 


Searing Palm:

I tend to use this a bit different than against other classes. The strongest thing about F2 Searing against sin is that the dot tick knocks them out of stealth which makes it really hard for em to do any real impact on you.

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