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  1. You do know that sin is a KFMs absolute hardest matchup right? You dont have to be new to ask how to beat them because from a KFM PoV its hell. As for you OP You need to try and anticipate their Shadow step and their Bolt Strike and counter while turning 180, if you do it right you'll de-stealth them doing Bolt Strike and for both abilities you can follow up with Iron Shoulder. You also need to either Backstep or Counter their Turning Leaf (Body Swap) or they'll get you in a half combo at least, possibly forcing your tab. Also placing Leading Palm>Searing Palm a
  2. Well now you are using the leaderboard to your advantage to make it seem like there are less sins in the top than there is.. In top 50 there are 11 assassins crawling their way upwards the last few days. Thats a pretty good class representation in the top if you ask me. Meanwhile there are 4 KFMs, 8 SMNs, 9 FMs, 9 Des, 6 BMs, 2 BDs and 1 Warlock. Im not saying they are OP but they have gotten quite the bit stronger since lv 50 patch.
  3. I have the same problem but with Junghados hat. Done that encounter 170 times now and I still havent seen the hat drop. Its going on my nerves.. Imo there should be some sort of system with a fixed drop rate increase after say, 50-100-150-200 runs so that when you pass these tresholds it becomes more and more likely for it to drop due to the added fixed increased drop chance. But thats most likely just a distant dream
  4. To addition in what has already been written Id like to add the following Ground Counter: Normally if you hit into it they will stun you briefly and get back in stealth, however! If you Q/E and then LMB you will resist their counter and they will get knocked out of stealth. Searing Palm: I tend to use this a bit different than against other classes. The strongest thing about F2 Searing against sin is that the dot tick knocks them out of stealth which makes it really hard for em to do any real impact on you.
  5. TLDR: All classes but mine are OP, except for BM. There are no classes that are way out of touch. There is a skill floor/ceiling difference between classes and there is where the "imbalance" is. You can literally beat any class as any class if you build for it correctly and you know what your opponent will do and when. Its all about outplaying and outsmarting your opponent. There are however matchups that are harder than others but its not like in other games where a counter usually means you are severly outclassed. Todays pvpers seem to be real fast on hitting the OP
  6. My KFM with her new fancy pants costume! :D
  7. Sounds like Elbow Smash which doesnt hold up any blades/gauntlets and is considered a offensive-defensive ability and hence wont get blocked from use if you use a block defensive skill. However, a video for clarification would be great
  8. Grats but the next time use the PrtScn button on your keyboard haha! If you are on EU we'll probaly fend off against each other soon as well!
  9. I think its due to the platform maintenance alongside the server maintenance causing this. But I might be wrong in that assumption
  10. Thanks! 3RF is working out quite alright for me. Im on fiber net so I have no ping issues either. However I still have times where I manage to screw over the combo, reducing my damage. But its all practice, the main part I tend to miss atm is the R, being too fast on moving my finger over to F before I actuallly managed to register a R hit. Everything in time afterall. Im just a few days into arena gameplay with KFM and I already managed to get to 1875 so it cant be all that bad despite me feeling that there is a lot of potential that needs to be tapped :)
  11. See, this is what I needed haha! I never even thought about that, thats pretty dumb of me. Thank you! All thou Im quite familiar with the 3RF timings now after around 400 arena games, now its just about perfecting it!
  12. Freaking pigs die too fast thou :( On a serious note, after say 100 games you have it cemented in your muscle memory for sure, for some shorter, others longer, its all about practice makes perfect.
  13. Huh... and here I thought you could have the feeling of remorse and guilt despite not having ADHD.. I think someone needs to read a little about what that is. These mental disorder statements make me crinch mainly due to people not knowing what they are saying is. On topic: Hajoon.. I wish he didnt die but it was kinda expected when you see him looking worse and worse for each training session you had with him. As for Ildim, ye that guy had it coming. God I just wanted him to die from the moment he betrayed the trust of his community. On a side note, so many damn t
  14. As an assassin playing against a summoner you wanna run a "PvE" build which includes Shadow Drain to get as much RMB-F attacks out as possible. When they put Doom n' Gloom on you make sure to use Lotus Fury T3F1 for the iframe and a surprisingly strong heal. For the second Doom your Lotus will be on CD if they managed to keep you out of stealth enough, in that case make use of your flower to get some iframes from that. Use Set Landmine for some direct damage and poison stacking to allow you to refresh your stealth with Shadow Drain. Also use T3F2 Smoke Bomb for those times you are
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