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Force Master Trouble


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I haven't seen a single thread regarding my problems, therefore please answer here instead of pointingto some random thread that doesn't

exactly covers my problems.

Almost any plaxyer I fight against simply charges front up to me, stuns me and I'm defensless to their burn.


Therefore, how do I break stun as FM?

Is there any way that guarantees me to break free from grapped states or aerial combos?


I've seen a lot of other FM doing that, soI wonde rhow they did it.


Also, why does every class turn around doing frozen state, despite that they shouldn't be able to.

Destroyers even move as if they weren't frozen.

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Well what are you doing when you start the match are you standing there? Walking towards them? The best way to get out of aerial combo locks is to get ready to press F. Or if you have your skill points in  Second wind make sure it dazes them. This way it gives you a chance to escape and perform combos.  I Don't really know how to get out of grapple combos I just hit them back while their holding me or try to cast Meteor Shower before I know that I will probably be grabbed or being pinned down.  By your last few statements I'm guessing you're fighting Bot Destroyers the most which are actually super easy to kill as a Blade Master or Force Master, believe it or not.   The best way to break stuns though is with Second Wind perked with Daze and then to SS.  My recommendations to you at a start of  a fight as a Force Master press E  so that if put skill points in  Frost Armor to make it Ice Burst you will be shielded from charges which will already ruin their combo. Then from there once you feel it is safe to leave the Ice Burst you should through up Divine Veil to protect you from being pulled back towards them if they haven't used the skill that does that yet.  Then just stun or try to get your three stacks of ice on them and then Impact stun them.



- If they throw up the Destroyer shield use Snowball with skill points in it to break defense and make defensive skills unavailable.  Which is your best time to try to stack ice on them after and use Frost Fury Dragonfrost.  


- If successful with stuns I'd also work on trying to stun lock by keep stacking Ice and Impact and throwing in some dps. 


- Start using your Q and E they will help a lot especially if you need to switch to Frost Stance or Fire Stance.  


- Make sure you have Blazing Beam for more DPS.  


That's my build.  The only people I really struggle with as an Force Master are Assassin's and Summoners. Other than that I've won and lost against other classes. Once you know a bot Destroyer's fighting style they become really easy. Another thing I noticed is if you walk around the bot in a circle that isn't to far but is just out of their range they struggle to register their combos to attack you. So just keep moving and you should be ok.  


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