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  1. As you should have read from my initial post, you'd know that I already that I want to play on U.S.A. servers and just want to play on a friendly server that is not full of unfriendly people, like when I played on European servers and Iksanun. Therefore, my sole question war regarding the friendliness on specific servers, that actually are friendly (unlike the Iksanun playerbase I witnessed).
  2. Good Morning everybody. Recently I got the feeling to want to play Blade and Soul again. So I wondered, which one is the U.S.A. Server with the nicest community for the red order? This topic probably is in the wrong section, but in the server category there is no 'general' section but only for each server individually.
  3. First chain Bracelet

    Thanks for the info! I hope it doesn't have too much different rolls.
  4. Currently I'm using a siren bracelet. I wonder which bracelet is supposed to start the upgrade chain. At first I thought it was the Pirate Bracelet, but it says it's Evolution material. Since I've yet to see another purple bracelet, I'll have no idea which one I'm supposed to start with. Also, if it can have multiple stat sets, please tell me the possible rolls. The people in my server won't tell me anything.
  5. Just why?

    Good to see that germans aren't the only one incapable of understanding of answering properly.
  6. Rank Back to Bronze

    Be happy you have some chance of winning at all. Thanks to the reset us weaker players have almost no chance of winning at all, since NCsoft seems to purposely match us up against exhigh rankers. I only won once in the past 3 days...
  7. Just why?

    What's the point of resetting the Win/lose ratio and the rank if it STILL is PREseason? Except for harassing not-so-good pvp players by having them fight against gold player or higher ranks, I've seen no point to it. Out of 9 matches since the reset, I've only won 1 match. Which means, In three days I could only complete the wn in 1vs1 only once (since obviously I only do 3 matches a day for the other daily because I don't waste my time losing 500 times a day). I hope you answer me, NCsoft. Since I asked NCsoft directly, I want to NOT get any pesky answers from other players.
  8. Ich frag mich nur, wie lange der "Serverneustart" gehen soll.
  9. I haven't seen a single thread regarding my problems, therefore please answer here instead of pointingto some random thread that doesn't exactly covers my problems. Almost any plaxyer I fight against simply charges front up to me, stuns me and I'm defensless to their burn. Therefore, how do I break stun as FM? Is there any way that guarantees me to break free from grapped states or aerial combos? I've seen a lot of other FM doing that, soI wonde rhow they did it. Also, why does every class turn around doing frozen state, despite that they shouldn't be able to. Destroyers even move as if they weren't frozen.
  10. Server Down?

    Yep, poor hoglins won't get my stealth pricks now, either.
  11. Server Down?!

    Ist doch doof sowas. Vorgestern waren erst Prime-Time Wartungen und dann passiert trotzdem so ein Kack. Jetzt geht nicht Mal mehr der Launcher.
  12. Habs jetzt, danke. Warum auch immer ich für Paysafe meine Adresse angeben muss, ist verwunderlich. Wahrscheinlich arbeitet NCSoft mit der NSA oder dem (Nord)deutschen Überwachungsinstitut zusammen.
  13. B ei mir funktioniert das nicht. Egal auf welches der drei Elemente ich klicke (Kreditkarte, paypal oder Andere) ich komme nur zu dem Fenster, in dem ich meine Addresse etc eingeben muss, damit die mir eine Rechnung schicken können. Was mache ich da falsch? So ganz einfahc ist das offensichtlich nicht.
  14. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    I have some ideas to improve the chat problems-situation: Finally Give us an endless blocklist. Give us an option to choose sequences of letters WE CHOOSE INDIVIDUALLY to block. 99% of the spam is the same message, so block that sequence of letters will let us stop it for ourselves individually. A level-restriction won't help AT ALL, since the spam will just hack through the requirement, as it is done now. And I advice you to hurry up, or you will loose many potential customers. Unless you like having more gold spammers than players, that is.
  15. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    It would actually be nice if this was true. Also, it would help for a longer time than 3 minutes if we would actually get endless slots on the block list. 50 Slots is way too small of a number.