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  1. melee want to have high attack power and defense rofl, every melee in this game have gap closers, guess what if you up your def stats you going to tank everyone, im a fm with 2500def i can tank everything and you need like 3 people to kill me, people are dumb to follow the "meta" crit and atk power rofl, the truth is if you want to survive more get defensive stats you can't have both
  2. pve - grind for months and forced to go arena farm beans pvp- bots/hackers i don't know if i still like this game
  3. i really don't know what are you talking about, pvp in this game? what?? have you tried soulstone plains? at my server there's only crimsons so you only fight versus monsters you can farm pve all day there,at arena you can only find bots and hackers so it's half pvh half "pvp"
  4. what is the point of having more hp at our shields if we still hit the same?? what about the enrage time is it doubled? if not that's stupid
  5. it is plaaayer skiiill you knoooow hee is 100% legit like 50% of the arena trust mee
  6. i think that's impossible to finish this quest you have to farm it for the whole day or one week ROFL and its supposed to be a daily, im a fm with full pirate and still sometimes didn't get the drops, now some quests you need no sense things like invade the enemy base wtf while everyone has 20kk+ hp
  7. well maybe you are telling the truth, now that you tell us about your husband we know now who downloaded something that he should not since you use the same pc, feel bad for you, just reinstall your windows and try to recover your account, since you are keylogged ;)
  8. why games with a lot of bots and "hackers" people get hacked a lot ? what must be...
  9. of millions of accounts they decided to hack the ncsoft server and steal your account email and password since you never did anything shady i feel sorry for you, at least you have lucky to win the lottery
  10. maybe because this is shield stats? and his shield is better?
  11. if you want to play pvp just know hackers everywhere people without cd and exploiting go ahead, now if you want to pve well it's fun but repetitive and in the end you will have to pvp to get soul stones to upgrade your gear
  12. guess what found a fm hacking, what he did? well used grab and throwed me at the ground and used the stun-aircombo when i finally reached the ground again he grabbed me again rofl and started the air combo again so much fun
  13. about could not attack him i don't know but if you grab a fm and get freezed be prepared
  14. im confused i tested in game and the chill stack is supposed to be 1 per hit...but at your video you get only one stack of all hits edit 1000: if you are not frozen soul the chill stack will be only at the 2nd hit if im seeing right, so that does not make sense because the parry will probably block the first hit, that's why you can't get the stack or maybe this does not work if you are not frozen soul spec or it's not really working even at the first hit... anyway it's not good to use it when they are spinning specially if you are not frost soul it's only 1 stack and you are going t
  15. you will do the chill stack and get stunned yeah i don't know why they make fm skills so useless like that, like bd phantom grip can grab bosses but why fm phantom grip can't?
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