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FM vs Summoner help plis


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I made it to 2069 as FM eyyy i was so close to dia ... the gatekeeping is real tho, all these summoners kick my ass. I have a very strong survival build that allows me to stay alive forever vs a summoner but i can never get enough damage in before timer. They have perma resists in their shit pedals, then it feels like they have more stealth than an assassin, not to mention they can grapple you every 18 secs but you can only trinket every 36... oh yea and they have a retarded shield. The reason i can never do enough damage is becuase a good summoner will kite behind the cat, usually in a corner or something and sleep it so it never takes any damage... Ive tried sleeping the cat but the summoner will run to it so that i attack it accidentally. 

Some summoners even use a different op build that has no lasers but a st spam that does massive damage when the cat knocks you up in the air, its so dumb how much cc the cat can produce along with the rest of the summoners kit... I need a cure for this cancer... i cant figure out how to beat this satanic class.


PS: ur gonna lose 60% of your hp every 36 secs to grapple so theres really nothing to be done

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2k fm here, few tips:

1. grip the scummoner out of the petals every time, use ss to iframe the pet cc and throw them into a wall with 2. If u specced 2 points into ss then you can impact stun after.

2. use rb on the pet every 10 sec to keep it chilled, they ride your d a little bit less that way.

3. scummoners only get out of your freeze with their ss, so abuse that and don't break freezes with 1 every time. 2 chill + impact + rb to freeze again.

4. divine veil insta at the beginning and use off cd.

5. spec tier 2 impact for burn then spam blazing beam for big dmg. Also meteor shower into burn does 3k+ ticks, rly good dmg if u freeze them, then use C for 10 sec burn then meteor.

6. spec mid snowball to break their counter and freeze them, otherwise just wait out the counter.

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Meteor burn blazing beam basically and freeze cat and pull sum outta petals, you basically go full pve against em and just go in and burst as hard as u can while trying not to die cause cat grab+sunflower nuke= dead you. P.S. Sunflower goes through veil

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