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So These People Farming Each Other in 3v3...


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So I've noticed players (particularly in higher ranks for 3v3) creating groups specifically made to farm each other for zen beans. They do this during off-peak hours so they ONLY run into each other, and basically trade wins in a matter of seconds. This nets them obscene amounts of zen beans, which they then obviously turn into soulstones. Also worth noting these are not derankers.


Is this how 3v3 was meant to be used?


P.S. As someone that legitimately farms zen beans, yes, this makes me very salty.

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I stated this in chat and other reasons PVP is messed up not to mention it shouldn't be called open pvp since it isn't


I then got piled on in chat and called the usual things like - fat guy in a cellar - mommy's boy etc etc


Sadly people nowadays don't know what real open world pvp is and how they use to be without it being

abused left right and centre





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