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  1. The simple fact is due to Ncsoft's very poor attempts or no attempts to get rid of the annoyances in the game has only resulted in players that were spenders to leave the game for other ones. Players with years of gaming experience know that this will never be fixed and are wise enough not to invest in it. Does no one think its weird the gold spammers in game and forums, bots etc are on every game NCsoft owns? Zero attempts being made to negate them? under table deals :) Also remember lots of the bots are actually bots of the higher lvls running on other
  2. Firstly lots of you had a go at the poster - He posted his comment in good faith and gave a good farewell The fact lots of you acted like idiots towards his post just proves how salty you actually are about how the game is going, you just don't want to admit it Most are basing their 'lots of players' comments on the +45lvl maps, start a new character see if its as busy THE GAME IS 5 YEARS OLD!!!! It was also made by bloodlust a part of NCsoft and you think its fine they have problems releasing content, not to mention bad translations when they should have
  3. This post is not intended to offend or degrade anyone so please take nothing from it Ok so what we have here are people forcing themselves to enjoy an already troubled game Use Ctrl+f - Yep lets do that and not get the full enjoyment out of the game by making it seem I'm playing a solo game Lets go buy new gears so I can play the game - Well go try any other game ASTA,TERA, BD, etc and realise just how badly optimised and how bad the servers are before you spend any money you can use on something else I was super hyped by BNS coming a
  4. WHY? Well lets see 1. Keeps the forums tidy especially in general section 2. People have the right to complain without the topic begin suddenly deleted or locked 3. You can get a proper measure on how the player base feels 4. You can easily see what needs attention more than others 5. It's constructive in that they get a place to rant/complain/Suggest 6. People will get less salty due to moaning etc being stuck in one place and not in every section 7. New potential players will usually come to the general section to get an idea on how the g
  5. I've moved on to ASTA great game so far by the way Can't say anything else since they are deleted any negative comments with other games being recommended :) IMHO don't come back move on but I wouldn't uninstall since you never know NCsoft may actually do something in the future like real servers, proper dealings with bots, boxing and bugs. I won't lie they have never dealt with anything well in the past If the miracle does happen and we suddenly see good FPS and no lagging, crashes etc, bots being dealt with etc just think how good it will be for yo
  6. Try ASTA its actually good not a large player base yet and graphics don't compare to BDO but it's like the good old school games like AIKA, SHAIYA, ARCHLORD, GW etc has your typical server boss fights, fishing :) , classic crafting system, very nice guild system, battlefield, class arena, team arena, plenty of dungeons and the divine system is fantastic Basically it may be a clone type of other games but it brings a ton of varying types of builds and lots of gears unlike BNS were you basically start with 1 weapon and upgrade it all year OH and ive had no FPS, lag issues eve
  7. Playing ASTA and loving it :) I stopped here about 1 month ago and thought I would keep tabs on it to see if NCsoft did anything but as I guessed the new update would put even more strain on peoples computers The bad thing is this game should have been a massive hit were people will recommend it but due to bad bad servers, no existence of ncsoft staff and the bot problem I do not recommend this to anyone Oh and you can say over 2 million new players but just how many of them are bots or boxing ones with names like kkkfffhhgggjj My advi
  8. Lets just get one thing straight - NCSoft are an investment company - their aim is to make money When someone pays for premium be it direct or through a third party that money sits in a middle account which produces interest until a certain period is over They lose no money for chargebacks of any type they will retain the interest and still be making a small amount of money, they know this but use the banning theme as a scaremonger move The client paid for a service and was denied the use of this service while still paying for it Paypal is a l
  9. If your paying them money you should probably stop until they use the money to fix the problem Its been like this since the first day - Will this be the fastest dying game in history? or will they finally use the massive profits and spend some on fixing this issue before its to late?
  10. As you say you've done it yourself which in turn has only promoted this stuff Everyone says they did it on other games and tried not to interfere with others gameplay!!!! Why should anyone feel sorry for you? Are you not one of many that's made it a fine thing to do - reap your rewards
  11. Agree with it all The one thing I hated is the fact that even in clans you don't have much interaction since there's nothing to interact about no guild quests etc Also the devs themselves are a part of NCSoft which makes it even more poor on their part I haven't played now for 3 days straight and I can't say I'm missing it, I'm only feeling that I'm letting the clan down I'm in ASTA now and this time its a beta with no more wipes :) - Enjoying it so far plenty to keep me busy, good group events like mega boss fights, an actual proper classic c
  12. login - do dailies - em logout Nothing to craft to keep me in game since the crafting is very bad Thought about doing arena but thought why bother after seeing its mostly bots/boxers and arranged wins Thought about starting new character but realised that will just have the same outcome Logged into Asta and totally forgot about bns Same rinse repeat tommorrow
  13. I honestly see no point in us posting complaints about lag etc etc since it seems NCSoft have no people working as a forum mod yes its good to vent some rage on the forums but I really am starting to laugh at the ZERO % of replies by anyone from NCSoft If I'm totally wrong then I guess a reply from an NCSoft person will be posted here :) If im right I will win the lottery tonight
  14. Well no would be my answer Not much has actually changed in a long time We had a half update since they didn't want to add a (cough) pay for option Lots of bots, gold spammers, no sign that NCSoft even exist on forum or in game Its like they have a bot set up to type maintenance in forums each week since thats all we ever see a mod type :) Weird lag periods, constant loading screens, spam spam spam its slowly eating away at my will each day to login - thank god I have planetside 2 still on the go :)
  15. I think the most embarrassing thing is the fact we never see any replies to any posts at all on the forums Some people would feel a bit easier at mind if they actually provided some feedback
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