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Please link me a PvP and a PvE build that's a common good one?


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My specs are slightly different from the masses(minor things)...but I've still managed top 200 class ranking and 60+ seconds to go on Junghado(with true profane)...


PvE: https://bnstree.com/BM?build=45030021004320141306211032123311211211383111111105221264223011108432052220231104116033100322


PvP: https://bnstree.com/BM?build=4503002100432013230633138321113310522126312303220521202211042212721142316033200322

Keep in mind the pvp spec changes against summoners and force masters. There are minor things you can do to alter it for better play against blade dancers as well, but unless you're ranked higher than me, they won't make a big enough difference to matter, same with assassins.

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