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  1. Is there any other hongmoon skills I need to buy or that I need to know where to get? So it's juts shadowslash for now? Any other ones except the LMB skills? I know there's one for Lotus Fury, Shadow Dash, Also, how do I get unlock "Heart Stab Mastery"? the Decoy version when I get "Fateful Tome - Decoy"? If there's any others, let me know. Thanks.
  2. So long, and thanks for all the fish

    I'm a Diamond (2100+) assassin and I understand the stuff you have to go through having to farm zenbeans for financial reasons in this game. What class do you play by the way? I used to be gold assassin until I've spent ample a lot of time in PvP arena through practice sparring, etc. but if you really do get to understand your class well you shouldn't be able to have a hard time farming zenbeans regardless of rank since you're doing it to buy soulstones and sell them however you feel like using them with. My biggest gripe about assassin is that we have a hard time against range users like Summoners and Force Masters, other than that it's pretty much smooth sailing for me against other melees, blade masterc, KFM, Destroyers, BD... though lately i've been having a hard time against Destroyers and Blade Dancers.
  3. What are they doing to this game ?

    Yes very eloquently said. Very similar to what I've stated too in regards to making money to those people who complain about not being able to reach upgrade within a timely manner. I myself have played games for more than a decade, My first mmo was runescape and Ragnarok back in 2002-2004 and and I know how the economy of a game works or at least why people may think every f2p game will be p2w to a degree, but not completely a greedy p2w game. Also stated about spending some money on outfits which you don't have to spend money to buy nccoins but can actually do so through hongmoon exchange which you get selling your gold via currency exchange.
  4. What are they doing to this game ?

    Forgot to mention about making alts. You do realize that you can bank a lot of gold by doing dailies with your alts. I have an additional assassin and doing dailies and farming zenbeans to get soulstones from PvP arena makes it easier for me too. So I may be exagerratinga bout that part but making that amount of money isn't as hard as you may you think but taking into consideration in terms of upgrading your gear, then all your gold will be gone. I'm not even exaggerating man, just putting it out there about amount for me personally doesn't even cut it, but I just forgot to mention having new alts or additional characters you don't probably play much but you can use once you're 45-50 to farm dailies and if you PvP it'll be easier, at least for me since I'm an assassin 2100+ diamond. But in theory I only get about 75g from PvP arena farming zenbeans to buy soul stones, so that's 200 soulstones from my 4 "Small dragon certificate" wihch goes for about 75g. Seeing that soulstones are about 33 silver each in my server, it seems that the price is a little fluctuating or who knows it might go higher. So technically I'm getting about 75g but more than to add the fact to my additional characters that I can send in between gold through mail which isn't against ToS. And I'm not crying, just attacking your ignorance by stating that you're not necessarily right about your post when you were saying you're having a hard time making gold but not necessarily true per se. I feel a little guilty for saying some of the things I make money with, really feel sorry to myself for telling you this. <_< (NEW EDIT) And how do I proceed by doing what? Look, I'm not saying it's easy to make money but getting these things reset per day doesn't guarantee you get your upgraded items right off the bat... like come on, you can wait maybe 1 or 2 days, maybe even several days until you farm enough to have the amount you want. There's just other ways to make money, at the same time you're losing it by upgrading your gear, doing other activities... etc. Listen. I'm just putting it out there about people complaining about this game being P2W or just having a hard time when it's not necessarily true. :V :V :V <_< >_>
  5. When do we get Dragon certificate dungeon?

    I've noticed that there's a regular Dragon certificate dungeon we get from the following: Cold Storage, Floating Altar Daily Challenge, Sundered Nexus, Gloomdress Incursion Daily Challenge, Sogun's Lament, and The Shattered Masts Daily Challenge. I was wondering where we can get these? Is this a new content that's not released yet?
  6. What are they doing to this game ?

    Yeah man I also stated in my post because nobody knows about the currency exchange but you can sell your gold via Currency exchange (Ctrl+C) to get hongmoon coins which you can use to buy the equivalent same price in store (F10) using NCoin. The only thing you can't buy using hongmoon coins is just membership, other than that I haven't paid a dime in this game except for membership and maybe a 1 time $20 worth of NCoin for a costume when Currency exchange wasn't out or until I didn't find out what it was. Not a lot of people know about this and are freaking out why they can't or get certain stuff in the game if they want like a certain costume, so that's why I'm posting this and telling them about the currency exchange and hongmoon coins. Just to add to your post, yeah it's true that you can get good skillbook drops that are called "Hongmoon" drops from Nightshade Harbor 6-man (used to be 4-man until they changed it new patch) but I'm not sure abou the RNG (Random number generator) % it drops now but yeah it's a rare drop which goes on the store anywhere between 50g-500g for a specefied class. Not sure what other dungeons/instances, places, or bosses drops them but the only one I know as of right now is NSH(Nightshade Harbor).
  7. What are they doing to this game ?

    Hello. Firstly, no offense or anything but you sound very ignorant and unaware. Let me tell you this. This game is actually not p2w, you can actually use hongmoon coins by selling your gold through currency exchange via (ctrl+c). There are numerous ways you can get gold easily, I don't know how long you've been playing or how much time you've spent in this game but like I said no offense if you're not aware about this but you can do a lot of dailies and other activities in the game especially now that new content is out that gives you good gold. I've made about 200g-300g per day or at least every couple days just by doing this and I'm not exaggerating at all. Let me tell you this right now but if you don't know yet but there's the pvp arena which you can farm soulstones by doing 1vs1 or do 3vs3 and get up to gold easily or platinum-diamond rank which I am currently making good money as I'm a Diamond (2100+), mind you, that I get from farming soulstones that requires "small Dragon certificates" or "Dragon certificates". I believe the content for Dragon Certificates isn't out yet so it's just Small Dragon certificates for now and you get 3-4 per day so that's about 100g+. Soulstones right now are going for 33s, at least in my server here in Juwol. They used to go for 15s each prior to the new Silverfrost content patch because bots just exploited ways to sell soulstones and do dungeons easily, now it's substantially harder for them to do so in this new content which is a good thing. Anyway, I get 100g here per day, plus 100g-200g from dailies and stuff so it's not that bad. I get it. it's hard for you to get new gear... but truth be told if you don't want to hear what other people say then don't play or get some advice making money in the game because I just gave you it in this reply. Just saying. You don't have to spend real life money. Period. Just press F10 and check out the hongmoon store tab, not the NCstore tab by default, All the things you can buy from the Hongmoon store is the same in NCsoft, the only thing you can't buy with hongmoon tab is premium membership. Check out my new post. I've given my facts, not just opinions to attest to you that this game isn't p2w and you don't have to pay a dime for anything except membership.
  8. I'm a 50 Assassin HM 5 but still don't know where to go to get my hongmoon training stuff for my class. Which NPC do I talk to or what do I have to buy or farm a specific dungeon to get my hongmoon abilities that I have to buy or get somewhere? I heard if I buy a certain HM skill from the Marketplace, they go for like 50g-500g. Is this true? I was wondering which dungeons drop these skill books from or what I can do to get them. Also, I would like to know the name of the skill books for my class I'm very ignorant about this and still trying to find out and learn the new content as well.
  9. Yup, there's also PvP arena where people can gain ranks to show off and get better quantities of soulstones for use from dragon certificates you get from the new dungeons.
  10. The game got so much better with new content. Got rid of the annoying bots that were ruining the economy so yeah
  11. I've noticed that there's a regular Dragon certificate dungeon we get from the following: Cold Storage, Floating Altar Daily Challenge, Sundered Nexus, Gloomdress Incursion Daily Challenge, Sogun's Lament,The Shattered Masts Daily Challenege Where can I get these?
  12. That's what I said. Did you even read what I wrote? They changed that, however. So I'm wondering why.................................
  13. I'm trying to do the popular moonwater dungeons dailies but they're not giving me any of the certificates anymore. If this is the reason, then is there a reason why they made it only obtainable through the new content updates and why it's not longer letting me getting it from the moonwater dailies prior to the update?
  14. Alright alright, fair enough. I definitely have no problems with other classes.... I think we'll get better stuff in future updates when we get the level 50 level cap. Blade Master is easiest match up for me, I honestly don't know why Blade Master doesn't need the buff it needs. Anyone else agree? I play Blade Master as my 3rd character.