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Which faction to choose on Jiwan


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Hey guys, just wondering which is more active pvp faction worth investing into? 

Heard that cerulean is pvp-ers and crimson is mostly pve people. Wondering if that's really the case? 

Was gonna go with crimson cos I liked the philosophy based on npc-s blurb, but that doesn't really matter if faction isn't as active as what I want to participate in. 


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Well, if you are a trash player who zerg other faction member 20 vs 1 or lvl45 H.5 vs lower level, go crimson, it's the black and red, edgy, popular and easy faction.

If you are the other way around and like having all channels filled to the border with the other faction hunting you down, go in Cerulian.

I'm just saying ! It's the case in MY server and I'm not in Jiwan. But people tend to like better black and red and choose crimson.

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Jiwan is completely CO dominated. If you want your guards in Misty Woods being camped 24/7 on all 10+ channels and enjoy being run over by 20+ people at once, you roll Crimson. If you enjoy being part of the unrelenting zerg rush and want the quick and easy way to gear progression, you roll Cerulean. 


As to whether one side is more PvE or PvP oriented, it's hard to say but the difference is Cerulean did the only important thing in the game first. They organized a Blackwyrm raiding party with a dedicated tank. Once people saw Ceru was reliably farming that and the Terrors everyone that wanted to get rich quick from Crimson rerolled Ceru and this snowballed super fast. So Ceru now contains the original Ceru members, the PvE's money makers, and the people who only PvP once a day for dailies because they don't want to spend half an hour hopping between channels trying to find one not owned by the opposite faction. All the alts being created now are CO as well because gearing is MUCH easier at 45, you can get your full Duel shield in an hour or two on any channel without interruption. 

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Thanks Zel :) good answer :)  I'll be switching to Ceru I guess. Not just for reasons you gave me, but every time I asked a question in Crim chat, it's damn near impossible to get an answer or any help. I've never seen a less helpful group :(  (for the exception of few cool people I've met, but sadly, it seems there are too few of those) Bye bye crimson legions - too bad though, lol cos I hate Cerulean NPC philosophy :)

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CL on Jiwan is just salty AF.


People say they're leaving for CO every single day, and we just tell em to *cricket* off already because it's always the same story.

At some points of the day faction chat is nigh empty.


When we try and do a BW we can barely conjure up 30 people on a good day. And then of course CO comes and griefs the *cricket* out of us, because oh dear if they have to miss 1 out of 20 BWs. If they can't fully get rid of us and we do somehow manage to kill BW they'll just camp at the reward chest so we can't even pick it up.


And so even more people leave for CO. Of those that stay in CL, several give up on ever doing BW.

Insig farms are getting more rare and hardly ever lasts more than 10 minutes because they get overwhelmed by CO zergs. If not a legit zerg, a 30 summoner chinese bot clan shows up a few moments before BW spawns, almost down to the second.


And it's only been getting progressively worse so I fear for the future of CL on Jiwan.


I must admit, I too made an alt in CO, chat there is constantly flowing, as for being more helpful, well.. I'd say it's about the same, but that it's just easier to find someone helpful in the masses. :)

A lot less spambots in faction chat there though so, that's something. ;)

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