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Hey guys, so after practicing drawing for roughly a week on and off, I've gone from stick figures to things that look remotely human, hooray! Problem is, I'm not really sure what I should be working on or if there's anything in particular I'm doing wrong. Any tips on what I should improve on would be super appreciated.





Also I should mention that I'm having a really hard time with hair. For the most part, I've just been looking at other artists' stuff and incorporating that into the body and face. But for some reason I can't do the same with hair. If anyone has any advice on that or good tutorials as far as hair goes, that'd be great!


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Hi there! For a week that is honestly amazing progress.  Always use references when starting out, to be honest references are amazing to use no matter how talented someone is. I am by no means a professional artist, but I'd recommend doing life studies of humans/animals/whatever you would like to draw.  A good picture is judged by the correct anatomy, color, and lighting imo. 


I'll link you to some artists who are very helpful when it comes to people asking for advice.



theboyofcheese.tumblr.com those two people alone have very helpful advice throughout their blogs.


What I did in the start was I would take a screen cap of something that interests me (ie dean from supernatural) and I would try to replicate that. Persistence is the key to improving, and for me I knuckled down in April 2015 and really began to take art seriously. 

Don't be afraid to trace at the beginning - but don't end up using it as a crutch, it helped me a whole lot because I learn by doing that. If I have to copy everything once over before I do something to learn then I will do that.


I'll show you two years difference of my work on the second one I studied my reference photo religiously. I tried to replicate every bit of detail to make it look real. 





I'd also recommend investing in a good art program like Photoshop or Paint tool SAI. Some cost money, some you can find free online. I believe Adobe actually let people download their old cs2 suite for free if you can find that. Also I'm not sure if you're using a drawing tablet or not, but if you don't have one definitely invest in one. Wacom have some good starter tablets that are relatively cheap to buy. 


Good luck on your art journey :)


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Grats on your improvement! Perhaps you should get an affordable drawing tablet and learn one or two art software as your image appears to have constant line pressure. Mouse is still doable to an extent, that is only if you understand Photoshop function. SAI painting would be hard for mouse, so yea.


As far as I remember, you're approach anime style? Just try to outline the hair, you don't really need to paint the hair realistically.

By the way, smooth the line up and use a thinner line.


If you are up to anime/ manga route then the pupils would be larger unless you're targeting the 'modern' manga of which the facial structure are approaching towards realism, e.g. Bleach, or maybe Tokyo Ghoul. would be your example.

Though, Fairy Tail, Magi, Nisekoi, Lovelive etc, seems to suit your drawing more, I guess.


Now, you have got the base colour on, so the next thing after you have got your base hair outline and colour done would be the light and shadows shading. I would personally suggest you to paint over the black lines, lines especially the collar bones can be done by shades and lights.

Other than that, you should also consider your environment setting in the image. Snow-ish landscape often reflect on your character skin as shade of blue & purple etc.

But then, learn the basic first :v Light and shadow isn't only limited to black and white, that's the first thing you should aware of.


After you feel like you're okay with the lighting and shadows, then textures would be the next aspect you should take a look. (imo)

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Thanks for your responses guys, really helpful! As far as style goes, I am leaning on more of an anime/manga-ish style as I've always liked it. The pupils are just a placeholder for now until I can draw eyes better.

I actually am using a tablet, and some fairly decent software as I've been doing image editing for a few years. I've got Photoshop CS6, though I prefer using Clip Studio Paint as far as the drawing goes. For the coloring, I just got stumped on the hair and decided to do some basic coloring. I probably won't seriously try learning it at least until I can do a full body fairly well.


I could've sworn I had pressure sensitivity enabled, but I might have disabled it on accident somehow. I'll check tomorrow.


Also, that's really amazing @Tyche!

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