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  1. Utage has been reborn, with brilliant white colors that make your eyes hurt, and twintails!
  2. If you're really having bad luck, all I can say is to not get impatient. While I was running Blackram for the Stratus outfit, I joked around a bit with my parties and just enjoyed myself. One group even stuck around with me for a few hours that night to help me get it after they got their stuff. I notice a lot of parties tend to just run without saying much, so being friendly can go a long way. If all else fails you could always try sacrificing virgins to the RNG gods (but don't use me!).
  3. It's a 1/8 chance of getting it so yeah, the odds are obviously stacked against you. It's kind of funny seeing people say the chests are rigged not to drop your weapon. I got the Blackram Narrows gauntlet my third go. A lot of people lie about the number of times they ran a dungeon too, so it seems like the RNG is broken. If you're really desperate just buy a brilliant key off the store.
  4. Good catch! That's actually pretty funny. Never thought about that one.
  5. I'm almost certain the Merry Potter's are a reference to Harry Potter. There's even a quest called "you're a potter -some name I don't remember-" in Stillbrook Monastery.
  6. Utage has arrived uninvited! It would be nice if I could change the color of the hat to match the armor.
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