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  1. Advice?

    Thanks for your responses guys, really helpful! As far as style goes, I am leaning on more of an anime/manga-ish style as I've always liked it. The pupils are just a placeholder for now until I can draw eyes better. I actually am using a tablet, and some fairly decent software as I've been doing image editing for a few years. I've got Photoshop CS6, though I prefer using Clip Studio Paint as far as the drawing goes. For the coloring, I just got stumped on the hair and decided to do some basic coloring. I probably won't seriously try learning it at least until I can do a full body fairly well. I could've sworn I had pressure sensitivity enabled, but I might have disabled it on accident somehow. I'll check tomorrow. Also, that's really amazing @Tyche!
  2. Advice?

    Hey guys, so after practicing drawing for roughly a week on and off, I've gone from stick figures to things that look remotely human, hooray! Problem is, I'm not really sure what I should be working on or if there's anything in particular I'm doing wrong. Any tips on what I should improve on would be super appreciated. Also I should mention that I'm having a really hard time with hair. For the most part, I've just been looking at other artists' stuff and incorporating that into the body and face. But for some reason I can't do the same with hair. If anyone has any advice on that or good tutorials as far as hair goes, that'd be great!
  3. I hate bumping my own threads, but I'm really curious as to why that artist drew the face and jawline like that. Does no one know?
  4. Yeah the strokes definitely make a world of a difference, that being said, I still have some trouble with making the jaw look pointy. I've definitely gotten a little better than when I started out though: I'm having a little too much fun with this. EDIT: While I'm thinking about it, I found something curious. I noticed this artist doesn't use a center line or a guide line. In addition to that, he draws the jaw INSIDE the initial circle. What's the deal with that, is it just some "I operate on a completely different level of skill" kind of thing?
  5. Oh, well apparently I did have pen pressure enabled! Or at least I think I do. Does it seem like it's not enabled @Siriya?
  6. Yeah I'm aware it takes time. It's pretty fun though, so even if it takes me a year of daily practice I don't mind. Just seeing myself go from stick figures to something that looks remotely like a human head is really fulfilling. Alright, cool! I'll go ahead and turn it on now then. As for the brushes, I think I'm just going to practice the basics and try out drawing heads until I get the hang of it before I worry about that kind of thing. I really appreciate the offer though.
  7. I'm using an Intuos Art for the tablet, and Clip Studio Paint for the software. Yeah like I said, I just picked it up two days ago so I haven't really messed with the settings too much, although I did see that option. I should probably turn it on. (Thanks for the tips!)
  8. It's not exactly the next Picasso, but it's a pretty solid start considering the best I could draw two days ago were stick figures! Changing the jaw and eyebrows is pretty fun too. I can probably learn the rest, and get better from practice at this point, but I've got two last questions. Is it bad etiquette to copy parts of the body to different areas? Like for the ears I drew the left ear, then copied it and reversed it for the right ear. I wouldn't normally, but I can never get the ears/eyes to match when I draw them again on the other side. The last one is what order I should be learning to draw the body parts. I'm guessing it's head>hair>body? Also thanks for the help again, I'd probably still be drawing high-res stick figures if not for your guys' help. ^^
  9. This isn't too bad for my second attempt. I think? I tried out using the dot as a "marker" this time for the jawline and chin, it looks a lot better than before for sure. Though I think I made the circle too wide, it should probably be a bit narrower. It looks like the jaw could be a little shorter too.
  10. Thanks @Siriya! That's really good advice. I appreciate it. ^^ I actually have been keeping my pen on the tablet the whole time when I draw lines, eheh. I'll try out what you said. My lines look kind of off/curved if I do it quickly, though I haven't had the tablet long so I'll just keep practicing until I get the hang of that. As for the jawlines part, in another thread it was recommended that I use diagonal lines. Would that work as well, or would it be easier to try the dot?
  11. First off this is probably going to be a fairly large post with quite a few pictures. Huge thanks to those who help out, this forum's been a huge help in getting me started with drawing and it's been fun learning. I've yet to find any good guides though, so for the most part I've been winging it by looking over different guides and incorporating that into what I've been (trying) to do. My first question is when drawing a head, do I use a perfect circle, like the one on the left, or one more like on the right? Does it actually make a difference or can you just use either? My second question is if there's any kind of trick to drawing jaws/chin lines. Every time I've tried they just wind up looking absolutely horrid and kind of wonky. I can't seem to get the shape like on the right without it straight out looking like a V. You can see mine on the left: And my last question is the interesting difference's in art depending on nationality. I've noticed that every guide I've found in English for "anime" seems more akin to cartoons rather than anime, moreso that all English artists seem to have a similar style. It's made learning an "anime" style fairly difficult as I have nothing to go on because I cannot find a guide for that particular style. Is it possible to learn this style on my own, or am I just overthinking it? To give an example of what I mean I threw together something real quick. The two images on the left are two different Japanese artists. The picture on the right is from an English artist, and I've noticed a lot of other English artists use a similar style to his.
  12. What's up guys, I picked up a graphics tablet today and I'm having a lot of trouble getting used to it. Any tips or exercises I can use to help get accustomed to it? I feel like I just started using a mouse for the first time again. It's a little awkward.
  13. 1v1 Arena broken garbage system

    Assassins can't stealth a lot unless you're hitting their counter, which you shouldn't be doing.
  14. 1v1 Arena broken garbage system

    This. If you're just running around healing yourself your opponent will win because he's been actively attacking you. But you shouldn't even need to reach a draw that often anyways. Stay on the offensive.