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Guide for Latency testing BnS


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Hey hello,


As promised a small guide for latency testing BnS.


Because the servers have there IP address hidden normal tools in Windows are not able to Ping or Traceroute to the servers.

Not sure if this is the same for NA servers but these tools are generally very handy.

And It would be nice to have a basic tool ingame for showing latency!


So let's start.


Go to http://www.elifulkerson.com/projects/tcproute.php and download the following program's:






Please note some computers do not have Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package and .NET Framework 4 Client Profile.

Follow the links on the page to download those even if you are not sure.

I will presume that you have those programs installed on your computer.


Ok let's go on with the rest.

First install WinPcap.

Next unpack tcroute.zip to you C: drive, like I did here:




Next copy or move tcping.exe to the folder tcproute on your C: drive.

With that all done it's time to reboot your PC (this is for WinPcap)

After the reboot it time to start testing.


First you have to find your servers IP address.

Open your Task Manager by press and release the keys Ctrl+Shift+Esc.

It will start up with this window:




Then you click on More Details.

Or it starts with this window:




Then you click the tab Performance.

And you see this window:




Next click on the bottom Open Resource Monitor.

You will see this window:




To find the IP address to your server click on the tab Network, and tick the box besides Client.exe

in Processes With Network Activity.

You may have to wait few seconds so it can collects resources.


In Network Activity the IP address does not always up like a IP address but as a URL.

Don't worry as you can see in the picture the numbers in front ncsoft.com are the IP address.

The one with the most data going back and forward plus total is the IP address that's the server you need.

The other IP addresses are Login server Marketplace and more.

Ow a small reminder if you do these actions right after you logged into BnS you see a lot more IP addresses.

Login to your character and wait a little you will see some IP addresses disappear, but one will stand out because of data going back and forwards more so if you start to move around in game.


In TCP Connections find that IP address, write it down including the remote port in my case: port 10100 (for you if you are not on starfall crater EU it will be a different address)


Time to start troubleshooting for NCSoft.

Let's open you command prompt by press and release the keys windows key+R.

You will see the Run window enter cmd and click OK.

Will see the next window:




In that window (in this is why it was important to unpack into C: drive) do the following.


cd/ and hit enter


cd tcproute and hit enter


Now we going to do a trace route type in the following and do not forget the IP address I type here may not be the same as yours:


tcproute.exe -i 1 -p 10100 and hit enter


Again if you are not on starfall crater EU the port and IP address maybe different, replace it for yours.

If all is correct you see this:




FYI if one of the hops (in this case number 6) times out but the rest of the route goes through it means that the hop times out is hidden.


To ping continuously type:


tcping.exe -t 10100 and hit enter


Again if you are not on starfall crater EU the port and IP address maybe different, replace it for yours.

if all is correct you see this:




That's it if you have any questions please ask them I will try to answer them in a timely fashion.









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