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  1. I think OP has mis-identified the "problem". All MMOs require grinding the same content over and over at end game. It is literally impossible for there to be any endgame other than this. It is simply not possible to produce new content fast enough to give players something new to do all the time. It takes over a year with over a thousand people and hundreds of millions of dollars to make a single action movie that you consume in under 2 hours. It's the same thing with video game content: what you get bored with after 2 hours, took many people a long time and a lot of money to c
  2. This is absolutely false. I personally know someone who was able to get it transferred. I myself was able to get a Hongmoon Energy Soul transferred, and that's not account bound. As a previous poster said, it can be hit or miss depending on who is looking at your request, but it doesn't cost anything to try.
  3. You currently cannot hit level 50 with just story quests. However, there is a +XP event starting soon (Wednesday of this week, I believe). As far as I know, no details of how it works have been released yet.
  4. Theoretically possible, perhaps. "Quite possible", no way. You pay a hefty extra % once you go over 100g of sales in a day. That's not 100g of profit, that's 100g of sales. But let's assume that you're so god-like at playing the market that you never guess wrong. If you made 100g of *profit* every single day, it would take you close to two months to earn enough just to upgrade from True Breeze to Legendary stage 1. I guess maybe there's someone who's done this, but I cannot believe that the number even approaches 1% of the people that have legendaries. It's *hard
  5. So just to make sure you understand what's going on. If you know someone that had a legendary weapon before the nebula stone event, it is extremely likely-- certainly well over 90% chance-- that they have spent over $1,000 on the game. If you know someone that got a legendary weapon after the nebula stone event, it is still more likely than not that they have spent over $1,000 on the game. If you're in a clan and know that someone is only on for a couple of hours a day and they have a legendary, it is 100% that they have spent a *lot* of money on the game, money that makes $300 seem like pe
  6. I haven't seen this suggested before: 1) Only allow pictures to be taken from the portrait preview feature. I believe (?) this is how it was supposed to be working currently. 2) Instead of saving the picture, instead, save the parameters used when taking the picture: all the parameters that define the character's appearance (hairstyle, color, etc.), which of the 3 backgrounds they used, what the rotation of the character was, the angle of the camera, zoom level, outfit being worn, etc. 3) Whenever someone views the profile, just draw the picture from scratch using those
  7. Only a fanatic goes on believing something that they believe should be true in the face of overwhelming empirical evidence that they are wrong. It does not take 100 days, period. In the entire history of this game in every country it's been played in, no one has ever needed to spend 100 days. You're arguing for a theoretical maximum that is so statistically unlikely that you should be more worried about literally dying while playing the game as being the reason you don't get to upgrade. (Also, you need to get the weapon chest to drop *once*. There is no reason to rel
  8. Look, this is what you said in your original post: " Worrisome? It is mind-numbing pointless killing the same thing for 100 days if you are lucky. " No one is claiming that you should find Mushin fun, or that you shouldn't mind it being repetitive. But your original position is, frankly, ridiculous. It doesn't take 100 days if you're lucky. It doesn't take 100 days if you're not lucky. It doesn't take 30 days if you're not lucky. You are exaggerating the magnitude of the problem, not just by a lot, but by an enormous amount. MMOs almost always have some repetitive
  9. Most people don't get to 500 in one battle, they take two. They just AFK for 15 or 20 minutes in between two battles. Lots of people never die at all, so that isn't an issue. If you're ranged, have a large number of hit points, have good ping, and decent reflexes, you really shouldn't ever die. Getting 300+ PP in a single battle is pretty easy if you have like 15 people. Some servers are so busy that you never get that few. I'm able to run with around that many late on weeknights sometimes.
  10. The cost for all 3 pieces of the broken oathbreaker sword is a total of around 65g. 15 AP for 65g is an amazing deal. That's 2-3 days worth of dailies.
  11. This just isn't an accurate description of what actually happens in real life. I'm currently on my 4th character going through Mushin's, and warrior tokens have always been basically a non-issue. 30-token bags drop at a pretty good clip. Weapon chests drop pretty often, and it's less than one day's worth of dailies to buy a brilliant moonwater key to make sure you only need to get it once. I mean, sure, at any given point in time it may be the case that you are waiting on some warrior tokens, but when that happens, it's just not that hard to get them. The idea that
  12. I don't understand how anyone can be upset about this. It was clearly absolutely necessary. People had Nazi art in their profiles. In Germany, this could be considered illegal. People had gifs of real life ISIS decapitations. Not to mention graphic pornography. While none of these things ruin my play experience, I'm legitimately baffled that there are people that believe NCSoft should be okay with hosting such images and allowing minors to view them.
  13. Unfortunately, you will still need to grind the old content for your accessory upgrades. I suspect most people will need to run Blackram Supply Chain and Nightshade Harbor just as many times as before.
  14. I have never once encountered an AFK in a dungeon. I just got done a short while ago with a 4 man Lair run that dropped 16 stingers. The plural of "anecdote" is not "data".
  15. If you don't have a soul yet, you shouldn't be trying to get one through Naryu anyway. You should be earning gold to buy the 3 pieces of the broken sword and create the +15 AP Hongmoon Energy soul directly. Last I checked, it was around 65g all together. That's less than the cost of creating the Naryu soul and then upgrading it to 15 AP. It also means you can earn gold however you want to, whatever is the most fun or interesting or efficient to you, rather than needing to keep running Lab over and over.
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