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Question about rumblebees HM tear 5 stage 1


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Having got 50% crit rate, I'm loving rumblebees, particularly with the 24 man fevor buff ^_^


but anyway, for the HM skill of it: "

"Rumblebees (Tier 5 Stage 1) can now be instantly cast on targets inflicted with Stun, Daze, and Phantom Grip in addition to Knock Down, Airborne, and Pin."


does it work like the crit instant cast? what I mean by this is as long as I crit, I can keep using it, even without focus, so say, for example, i have 0crit chance and my cat pins an enemy, could I spam bees as long as the enemy is pinned or do I get only one free cast?


I'm guessing it's one free cast, because combined with free crit cast spam, the bees would just be insane as I can do all the cc listed except phantom grip, I'd basically never have to touch the LMB.


So, is it as freakishly awesome as I hope it is, or is it as great as I expect it is?

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