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  1. In both PVE and PVP, the Stage 1 Tier5 is the best choice. I dont see S2T5 being useful in any scenario (unless you have issues surviving in PVP, but you should have plenty enough of healing skills to avoid that). 3second of overflow on every counter makes your dps ramp up quite a lot.
  2. The "get hit" proc of seraph is overall a dumb mechanic and hence why everyone goes dark. But on TW/JP they changed it from "get hit" to "on-hit", where seraph becomes viable. Now to hope they bring it here.
  3. Right now, EU is getting it cheaper. 10$ USD cheaper for the 1year package. With the new prices end up paying 15$ more though..
  4. The other way around. They are going to pay 0.12 cents more. We pay 125$ USD. They'll have to pay ~140-145$ USD worth of their money. Right now they pay less, after June 1st they pay more than us.
  5. Your cat and your summoner are two different "entity". Gems proc and crits are all independent. If the kitty crits and you have an amethyst equipped, the Kitty gets the heal, not you. If you crit, you get healed, not kitty. Same goes for ruby and whatnot. Exemple the "next 2 attacks are crit" ruby. You can proc it and it wont apply for your kitty. Your kitty can proc it too and it'll make it's own two next attack crits. If you have a peridot on (On evasion gem). same thing. If you evade, you get the buff. If your kitty evade, it gets the buff. The 30 second intern
  6. Cat taunt works against Mushin 2 and Mushin 3, and it works against Naksun.
  7. What Grimoir ssaid pretty much. If you're complaining that SUMMONER! out of every other class, have it though in arena... You're just bad at it... Summoner is one of the easiest class to rank up in arena. It gets harder at higher ranks but still very good class (Have you even bothered to try warlock? They have the same amount of escape as us but they have an overall shittier kit).
  8. That's just because you're not a good summoner... Please, no... Dont add escapes or damage to summoner. Summoners are perfectly fine already. Hell, everyone cry that they're broken. You just need to make better use of your skills. Summoners are at the top rankings all over the place, they're the easiest class to win arena with at lower tiers. It gets harder as you rank up, but still a very strong class. They dont need any changes whatsoever.
  9. Will we also receive next week's rewards at the same time or are they going to be ignored. Also, at the end of a season, do we get both weekly + seasonal rewards or just seasonal?
  10. I bought it and personally love it. I love it in Pvp, both 1v1 and 3v3. It's amazing. Also very good for mushin, where you can CC-lock bosses and literally hold RMB for free. I beat Junghado without taking a single hit. He doesnt even have time to cast his Enrage AoE because he's just always either Knocked up, down or stun/dazed while I unleash non-stop rumblebee. Same for mushin 1, Mushin 2 sometimes. Mushin 3 it's still nice, but cant just CClock him. People swear by Sunflower everywhere.. but personally I dislike sunflower. Too much animation cancelling needs to be d
  11. The thing is, you're saying this as if Voluntary GM program means anyone can be a GM... Ofc not. Only pillar of the community, people who make their proof. I've played games with that kind of program in place and there was next to no issue at all. Then again of course, it was a smaller population than BNS... But still. Rules are in place. You cant have your GM account on the same server as your main account. You cant ban people or take extreme action against people. Could Mute people, could teleport bots to some places they cant farm, you could also answer tickets through an in-game support op
  12. But, they cant allocate the resources to hiring GMs and Mods to do that job. Jeez.. if only there was some revolutionary way of having volunteer do the job for them for free like some other publishers... If only...
  13. I dont know if there's a recipe for it? Maybe someone else can tell you.
  14. Crafting through Radiant ring. Craft Sparkling Hexagonal Gem Pouch, which can give any of the 5(6?) diamond. 600 block 600 defense 600 evasion 35 attack power 35 additional damage Dont know if I'm missing one.
  15. I have average 50ms and I experience some input lag that I've never experienced before this patch. So does my friend. I'm on summoner and he's on FM (he noticed it wayyyy more than me due to animation cancelling getting affected greatly). Sometimes the input lag is so insane that it feels slower than playing on Taiwan with 250ms.
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