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  1. Seed Shroud, which one do you use?

    In both PVE and PVP, the Stage 1 Tier5 is the best choice. I dont see S2T5 being useful in any scenario (unless you have issues surviving in PVP, but you should have plenty enough of healing skills to avoid that). 3second of overflow on every counter makes your dps ramp up quite a lot.
  2. Seraph Legendary - proc

    The "get hit" proc of seraph is overall a dumb mechanic and hence why everyone goes dark. But on TW/JP they changed it from "get hit" to "on-hit", where seraph becomes viable. Now to hope they bring it here.
  3. Price Hike.....

    Right now, EU is getting it cheaper. 10$ USD cheaper for the 1year package. With the new prices end up paying 15$ more though..
  4. Price Hike.....

    The other way around. They are going to pay 0.12 cents more. We pay 125$ USD. They'll have to pay ~140-145$ USD worth of their money. Right now they pay less, after June 1st they pay more than us.
  5. Familiar crit/Summoner crit interaction?

    Your cat and your summoner are two different "entity". Gems proc and crits are all independent. If the kitty crits and you have an amethyst equipped, the Kitty gets the heal, not you. If you crit, you get healed, not kitty. Same goes for ruby and whatnot. Exemple the "next 2 attacks are crit" ruby. You can proc it and it wont apply for your kitty. Your kitty can proc it too and it'll make it's own two next attack crits. If you have a peridot on (On evasion gem). same thing. If you evade, you get the buff. If your kitty evade, it gets the buff. The 30 second internal cooldown is also independent. Your kitty evade and it'll get a 30sec cooldown, and you can still evade and get effect and get your own 30sec cooldown.

    Cat taunt works against Mushin 2 and Mushin 3, and it works against Naksun.
  7. Anyone else realize how broken summoner class is?

    What Grimoir ssaid pretty much. If you're complaining that SUMMONER! out of every other class, have it though in arena... You're just bad at it... Summoner is one of the easiest class to rank up in arena. It gets harder at higher ranks but still very good class (Have you even bothered to try warlock? They have the same amount of escape as us but they have an overall shittier kit).
  8. Respond from NCSOFT

    That's just because you're not a good summoner... Please, no... Dont add escapes or damage to summoner. Summoners are perfectly fine already. Hell, everyone cry that they're broken. You just need to make better use of your skills. Summoners are at the top rankings all over the place, they're the easiest class to win arena with at lower tiers. It gets harder as you rank up, but still a very strong class. They dont need any changes whatsoever.
  9. Will we also receive next week's rewards at the same time or are they going to be ignored. Also, at the end of a season, do we get both weekly + seasonal rewards or just seasonal?
  10. Summoner wind build

    Bosses do not have elemental resistance. Elemental damage is purely for building purposes. They will add Elemental damage to gear, you will be able to spec precisely into a specific element. Also, as for the video, the reason we cannot do this right now is because we're very far from KR's buffs and procs. They have so much buffed item/procs that they have nearly 90-95% crit and a LOT of focus regen. We wont be able to do that Wind build for months.

    So nice of you to introduce Weekly rewards Ncsoft. You're helping the summoner bots by givingg them 50-100k XP per week! Very generous. I'll go enjoy my 7x 10k exp charm from being Rank 155 when there's over 100 Hackers ahead of me. Currently 10 legit players in the top 50 summoner. Well played.
  12. Top 20

    11 summoner hacker in top 30 overall/top 20 summoner. Whats the point of weekly reward if summoners reward are all going to hackers. Hopefully ncsoft clears the hacker before maint
  13. Hello Lock6, Here is a tweet from Blade and soul Ops that says otherwise... Your policy on this is very confusing. So account cant even be shared between family members/significant others? And by shared I do not mean multiple people playing on the same account on a daily basis.. I'm talking about things like being away from the computer for a while and having the other person do certain daily or put up stuff on marketplace or little things like that while you are unable to access the computer.
  14. 1. Yes, the expansion ticket is permanent, but character-specific. If you buy 6 slot (to a max of 8), your other ccharacters only have 2 slots. Also, note that this event is very very troll. If you do NOT have all slots unlocked, it still shows you the item you missed your chance on (the item in the locked slots).
  15. Please nerf terrors in soulstone plains

    I'm sorry... Really really sorry.. I dont disagree with your point on how people want everything dumb down etc.. But please... PLEASE.... Dont ever say that when you have one of the most broken English I've seen lately. On-Topic: Yes, ranged have it "easier". Can just be lazy and free dps. But stop blaming it on the lag/optimization etc etc.... Some people are able to have over 30-40 fps even against Terrors/Blackwyrm/Grand harvest, so it is not entirely NCSoft's fault if your PC cant run it to this extent. As for the lag... Not NCSoft fault if your internet sucks or if Level3 sucks. They cant do shit about it. I know people that can clear terrors in TW/KR/CN from NA with over 200 ping... You have no excuse. Just get better.