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What level weapon for level 43 BM


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4 minutes ago, SepulcherX said:

Ok, you still just use that hongmoon weapon though right?

For arena you can use your level 1 training weapon, it doesn't matter what you use your stats get adjusted.


Outside of arena yes keep upgrading your Hongmoon weapon.

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6 minutes ago, SepulcherX said:

Ah, ok. Is there anything at all that I can do to gain an edge in Arena? 


Thanks again :)

Getting Hongmoon level 5 (gives you more skill points) and the Hongmoon skills (Lightning draw stage 2 is pretty important for a BM) is about all you can do to get an 'edge' over others that don't have those things. For some classes it will help, for other classes they don't really need them. 

Even then winning in the arena will simply come down to who is the better player.

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