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  1. Actually the issue with summoners in the sub platinum bracket is other people just can't deal with their skill set. Be it from lack of skill points/HM skills available/level 50 skills not here right now summoner has a pretty strong kit at level 45. That plus the fact people in Mid gold and below just aren't that great (mainly due to lack of game knowledge), so they struggle against summoners. Same situation with destroyers, people in the low gold and below really don't understand the game that well and a destro can literally spin to win, get it to platinum and they aren't such a power house. T
  2. Summoner as a class is infinitely easier to learn and play than a KFM. I have no idea why we've suddenly moved onto this debate. Your issue was with the pet getting in the way when you were playing against a summoner, and I was telling you to learn to deal with that. Changing classes to one of the easiest classes to just pick up and PVP with hardly shows your competent at PVP or that you don't need to learn to deal with something. Clearly you do or you wouldn't be on the forums complaining about something so basic. iframes on the cat, giving you agility stacks and opens up
  3. Don't compare things at low level. End game wise, FM's are just machine guns.
  4. What exactly are you trying to prove with that? There's no debate on whether summoners are an easier class to PVP on, your complaints were that the pet kept getting in your way when facing them.
  5. Positioning has always been key in this game, hiding behind your summon is also a perfectly valid thing to do to protect yourself from charges, which is why you need to outplay them on that front, personally I just abuse iframes on the cat, get an easy 3 stacks and get agility and then with the move speed bonus I can be on top of the summoner with ease and abuse triple kick. KFM's also have multiple gap closers anyway. Honestly never thought of the cat as an issue, when im doing Searing Palm (BM is my main, KFM is my alt) on the summoner I make sure the cat is stunned in the c
  6. KFM's counter summoners pretty hard to be honest....
  7. They're going fast enough with content release.
  8. If you want to analze that then go look at the korean scene as that is where we are heading, right now BNS EU/NA isn't competition ready but that's where they are heading towards this year with content releases being rushed to catch up with korea. Animation cancelling has been in the korean competitive scene for a long time. Again, you're comparing it to completely different games with absolutely different mechanics and style of play. Both are games with a 1v1 aspect, but are so different that you can't compare one competitive scene to another. So many games use forms of animation
  9. He' right to be honest. Hitboxes for races are the same. so there's one argument gone. As for hitting the summons, that really is a learn2play issue.
  10. It's a combination of muscle memory and understanding your situation/GCD's to know what you can fit in and where. You're comparing an MMO to a fighting game, absolutely no point to that the similarities end at the fact that it's 1v1. The gameplay and style of fighting in BNS is massively different taking on a more counter play/tactical stance than a reaction based one. Baiting out CC's/Escapes understanding your opponents cooldowns etc. There are focus costs.... you animation cancel certain skills because they give and take focus. Destroyer LMB gives it back, RMB uses it up,
  11. Your entire argument falls apart because all you keep talking about is mashing buttons, if you are just mashing buttons you will fail your animation cancels, if a KFM spams 3rf as quick as possible 3 won't hit and F won't proc. You need to time it and get a rhythm for it. Destroyer is the same, if you spam LMB/RMB as fast as possible, you'll cancel LMB too early and won't get the regen from it and fail. Ping is a factor though I'll give you that but there's absolutely nothing that can be done about that and ping effects everything in all MMO's not just anicancels. Although I w
  12. Basically, the reason they won't use a solution posted from the forum is because 99% of the forum solutions for anything in this game are *cricket*ing retarded.
  13. A lot of us, myself included play this game for PVP and don't give a *cricket* about the PVE. Like literally I couldn't care less about it and I hate having to do it. If it weren't for soulstones I'd have no way to make money to buy my hongmoon skill books. Also, the botters aren't just Chinese farmers, a lot of people do it because they blow and just want ranking/ranking rewards at the end of the season. Take a look at all those summoners who were getting to Diamond using the bot/hacks.
  14. And the HM skill books are locked behind PVE content, forcing people who want to PVP to PVE. So they either make money from SS and buy the book, or go PVE for the book. Honestly that's how it should be anyway, you should embrace all aspects of the game and if you REALLY don't want to PVP then you farm Moonwater Tears/HM books/Merry potter/craft for gold to buy what you need. Same way if someone who just doesn't want to PVE wants the book, they have to farm zen beans in PVP to get the gold to buy it. Either way, it balances out and is perfectly fine, if you don't wa
  15. Most MMO companies don't give patch notes till the servers go down for patching, at least not full ones. Mainly because if there is anything in there that could effect the economy it stops people jacking prices up before the patch or prices plummeting on other items. Look at the warlock skill book, went from being like 30 gold to 500 gold as soon as warlock was announced. There's also the fact that if they announce something in the patch notes then it gets to patch day and they can't implement it for whatever reason, the community gets all pissy. So all in all, you
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