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BSH 4-man loot bugged?


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So 3 runs to 4-man BSH (which isnt exactly a walk in the park) and we got:


3 x Hae Mujin's Machismo (1 per final boss kill)

3 x Pirate weapon (2 of which were for warlock)

Bunch of useless blue weapon chests

Bunch of dumplings and healing tonics


Yesterday we atleast got more Hae Mujin's Machismos, some jewelry etc. from the final boss. So it is just us or are the final boss drops bugged? Either way, those drops seem rather lackluster compared to the difficulty of the 4-man version.

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I ran 15 runs in total in 4-man and we dropped

2x Costume from the Twins

1x Male Only Costume from Last Boss

1x Costume from Last Boss

1x Skill Book from Last Boss

1x Cat Outfit from Last Boss


I havent counted the machismos but should be around 80 in total.

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