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  1. Legendary S10 & S5 + Oblivion Accessories

    Baleful/Seraph only goes up to Stage 3 in our content,accesories don't go past True Python/Yeti/Scorpion,this guy had Stage 10 weapon and Oblivion accesories (next evolution)
  2. Dear Ncsoft, can you please stop rushing updates in our faces?

    Hongmoon levels are meant to be obtained over the course of weeks or even months,you are not meant to grind them,you don't need to get HM10 by the time we get HM15 or HM15 by the time we get HM20 either.
  3. Gem quest

    They said they would put another gem like that in another event in the future so probably yes.
  4. The max is Lv.50 HM20,there are no plans on increasing the level cap in KR i don't think.
  5. PvE is laughable.

    You're judging the game based on 4 dungeons?,there's a lot more to come and many of them being actually hard and mechanic based. Forgotten Tomb/Hell Furnace/Underground Prison being 3 of them.
  6. legendary weapon...necessity or luxury?

    True Scorpion is enough for all the content up to Forgotten Tomb,legendary is a luxury,totally not needed.
  7. The event is not geared run from the start to the end (where the boss is located) avoiding being pulled by the vipercaps,once you get there you kill the mushrooms (they are 1 shot),you take the poison bomb and you throw it at the boss until it dies,AP doesn't increase the damage you do,the higher poison stacks applied to the boss does.
  8. Qi master and the 10th class ?

    That's not a teaser for a new class,that's a teaser for the new dungeon KR got about 1.5 weeks ago. The 10th class is speculated to be a gunner or spear class.
  9. Imperial Wine vs Belt

    You get the debuff when fighting the golden and silver brothers too.
  10. the f9 key, help pls!!!

    Press Esc to expand the bottom options,you should see all of them there,or go press O and rebind F9 to something else.
  11. Do Menace || Streaming?

    Drop some english first so we can understand you.
  12. (Attack) gems other than diamond

    Only blackwyrm and events.
  13. Hell Island drops

    Did i ever mention green shoul shields in the entire post?,no,i didn't. I mentioned Sealed Flower of Lament which WILL make a disadvantage when we get legendary weapons because that's a rare upgrade material for it.
  14. Hell Island drops

    If they have a problem with the screenshot they can simply edit my post and remove it. I don't see why showing the name is a problem to be honest.
  15. Hell Island drops

    Since Hell Island opened on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th,some lucky people that went there to farm got an item that shouldn't be in-game yet and will make a disadvantage once we do get it since he also was trying to sell it on faction chat. The item is called Sealed Flower of Lament,i wanted to know if you are going to remove all of the Hell Island drops that shouldn't be in-game yet before future patches or if it will remain the same?. Proof 1 Proof 2 (We don't have any of those dungeons yet)