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Can you report someone for insulting?


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Hello fellas,

I just got accused of botting ingame and they started insulting me in portuguese.

I guess the most of you know the mine spot in Scorching Sand. There is one mine which gives a nice amount of quartz and its very popular. I always try to get as many of those as possible o-o

For the first time ever I knew the times of all 6 channels(!). So of course I went there to collect them. There were 2 other players, who were luring around there and called me names because I smashed the F button like a mad man and got most of the quartz.


I dont know if insults are reportable. I´m just a bit worried about the reports now I got from them. However, it shoudn´t be an issue, right? Since I don´t bot and I didn´t heard of any unjustified bans so far (are there even bans?).





edit/ I also have screen, but do not feel like to do some nameshaming and shiz



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