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Teleport/Flight Hacks???


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So I went into an arena match and saw this guy suddenly teleporting all over the place then flying in the air shooting skills the whole time I know now and even in Feb 10 patch is still pre-season but is there any way that they can get IP banned or something, because once season does start and you can get goods/rating/placing on the ranked games it would actually have an effect on things , and was also wondering if this has happened to anyone else??                         

Here are some Screenshots/Video                       




Youtube video of the match

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9 hours ago, Justsomeone said:

i don't if this was a hack/lag or bug that only you see it, sometimes some people mostly Blade dancers or sins get at you before the round start, so when you lead you are already at the air getting combed and perma stunned

Its a hack 100%. i have counter people like him as well, latency issues won't cause something like this. they are using speed hack from program such as cheat engine. i hope they get punished soon




I reported him several weeks ago and the dude is still not banned. as you can see hackers like them exist. Several streamers have recorded these footage and it shows how people are speed hacking 

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