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  1. Very nice NC. 15g is really fair and square. 4 Powder for a Hexa Gem is honestly way too overkill. same with 2K gold = Octa. Why not just make it 15g immediately instead of rolling them out in upcoming weeks though. Also no compensation for 8 and half hour maintenance for EU and NA gets 3 hour only?
  2. I am fine with this update, since there will be 0 reason to spent on trove/ events anymore when u can get octas so easily. However the 10g is a joke, i bought hundreds of radiants and this update really cucked us. 15g should be more fair, 10g is way too little for what its worth
  3. What about the scaling on enemy levels unannounced. Tried to solo on Ebon the enrage is much less and the HP is much more. and you have exactly 4;30 minute before it enrage (Doesn't seem normal for NM) Can't imagine how it will be for bosses like VT and SK where u will be missing alot of accuracy since we are still on lv50. Jonathan said its intended that can't be right right? We're doing less DPS because of boss's evades and you're telling us thats intended? If you can miss CC on balls due to balls evasion from lv55/57 on Scion Keep that would be ridiculous.
  4. Thank you so much Bethany. Personally i extremely disliked SSP, with the down time/ keys and you had to do def/ attack which is not consistent and can be affected by players. now we get more ways to farm them. Hopefully its guaranteed drop from basin. I love peach farmin for EXP so this is really good news for me This change is honestly a big step foward and an awesome move. big thanks!
  5. They have said on stream its not allowed. one key press for an action is okay. but one key press ends up doing an action for you is not okay and is automation. EG press K will do a 3rf combo automatically. rebinding RMB to k is okay. some response from support:
  6. Server closer to you would be NA. but i would rather play on somewhere closer like Korea or Taiwan and applied with the English patch. playing with 250 ping is horrible. almost unplayable if you do pvp.
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