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  1. Radiant Energy Antique Exchange Compensation

    Very nice NC. 15g is really fair and square. 4 Powder for a Hexa Gem is honestly way too overkill. same with 2K gold = Octa. Why not just make it 15g immediately instead of rolling them out in upcoming weeks though. Also no compensation for 8 and half hour maintenance for EU and NA gets 3 hour only?
  2. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    I am fine with this update, since there will be 0 reason to spent on trove/ events anymore when u can get octas so easily. However the 10g is a joke, i bought hundreds of radiants and this update really cucked us. 15g should be more fair, 10g is way too little for what its worth
  3. Known Issue: Coin of Memory Event Token

    What about the scaling on enemy levels unannounced. Tried to solo on Ebon the enrage is much less and the HP is much more. and you have exactly 4;30 minute before it enrage (Doesn't seem normal for NM) Can't imagine how it will be for bosses like VT and SK where u will be missing alot of accuracy since we are still on lv50. Jonathan said its intended that can't be right right? We're doing less DPS because of boss's evades and you're telling us thats intended? If you can miss CC on balls due to balls evasion from lv55/57 on Scion Keep that would be ridiculous.
  4. Agree with everything except Soul and Pet + HM gems from dungeons. You realised there are ppl that actually gear up their alts? Hoogmoon gems drops from chests from Dungeons - that would make transmuting gems way easier. there will be no point of spending on trove = no income for NC Doing the account bound changes on Souls and Pets would fk ppl like us over super hard, unless we are able to salvage our souls/ pets for all mats returned on all alts then clients who support the game the most gets hurt the most. See, you ppl don't care. You ask for something without realising it would hurt ppl who actually gear up their alts Stop making assumption on whales saying they are whales they dont care. Seems like ppl are greedy without knowing the consequences. I dont want to see everyone running on 6vs6 with max gems from dungeons or max souls.
  5. Today’s Specials Item Refunds

    Thank you so much NC! The mistakes being able to buy Ascending stones in unlimited amount is extremely p2w. it will take hundred of hours to get full beluga sets and ppl can just bought all of them. Please for the love of god check every single items on F10 per day before u guys released them on store. if there are stuff like Unlimited oils etc that would be extremely p2w and so bad. im super happy u guys are willing to revert all of these mistakes. This is one of the reasons caused ppl to quit in the first place cuz of this p2w in 6vs6. ty guys! Much thanks!
  6. Evolved Stone Availability

    Thank you so much Bethany. Personally i extremely disliked SSP, with the down time/ keys and you had to do def/ attack which is not consistent and can be affected by players. now we get more ways to farm them. Hopefully its guaranteed drop from basin. I love peach farmin for EXP so this is really good news for me This change is honestly a big step foward and an awesome move. big thanks!
  7. Appreciation for NC!

    The cost reduction on Hongmoon Gem Mailing Cost are great. Now i can finally transmute my gems and i've been waiting long for this. Doing all big 3 + event dungeons gives close to 65g, with old mailing cost 6g each = 72. You will breakeven / lose g which was dumb. As playing on alts is meant for you to earn gold not the other way around. so very good job and im very thankful. Im a quiet guy and would prefer not to stay on the forum much unless big things happened. so please keep this change permanent and not make it high anymore. theres very little to no reason to do it, since as you guys said before you want to encourage ppl playing alts not the other way around. i have 2 geared alts and now i would consider gearing up more. = More money for you guys As for oils, you guys could consider adding % of Evo stones to drop on F20. Or just simply add guaranteed moonstones drop from Yusang or even 100 moonstones bundle. it would make it easier for F2P and us to farm gold, as a result making oils more accessible. Elysian crystals is also very hard to farm now since they got heavily nerfed on yeti/ lair, it would be nice if those rates were back again. As farming Masts now takes forever during the first room/ last boss while you have to wait. and F10 trial and errors, please don't fk up anymore thank you. The last ascending stones/ hands being able to bought in unlimited amount was just ridiculous in my book and is purely very P2W. please check items per day before they are out on 10 thank you. Regards
  8. Unlimited Items in Today's Specials

    @Liinxy, Hand of Xanos is not the bigguest issue here, while you guys were off on Weekends, there are massive outcries on ascending stones. Those takes a very long time to farm and several whales already gotten full set of beluga SS which is ridiculous. and then you guys made ascending stones only purchasable back to 10 from unlimited. Which massively put those ppl who bought these earlier with HM coins/ Ncoins at a big advantage and made it extremely P2W. Henc alot of ppl wanted to quit
  9. Irontech Forge Upcoming Fixes

    As someone who has over 3 characters with over 1000 AP. Price is still high considering if you do all dallies you breakeven (meaning you earn very little gold to no gold if you do all dallies). in the cost of spending 1.45-2 hours to play them. I think if it is 3g it would be better since you can make 50% of gold off doing dallies. But in a nutshell playing on alts should gives you income not loss of income. Hence there should be no mailing cost. Right now playing on alts means you earn close to 0g / breakeven and it depends how long you play it. I do appreciate the reduced cost though I would highly suggest you guys to actually do all Big 3, + all event dungeons, see how long it takes and how much gold you will earn. then you will understand my point on why Gems should not cost any gold to send through alts. Because you actually invest time into them. and ppl with higher tier gems actually get hits hard because if they gear up their chars and do dallies they wont be earning any gold at all/ very little income aka get punished. and is restricted in alot of things and limited choice of freedom. Many ppl like me gear up alts in the first place because gems cost nothing to send. so you can farm gold off doing dallies in the cost of time. More ppl would gear up alts if there were no cost in mailing fees = more profit for NCSOFT But please, for the love of god. Please don't increase the cost of mailing gems anymore. It is already quite high right now, it is manageable. But increasing it any further would cause some massive outroar. and when the next tier gem comes (Triangle ones). Please please don't increase it more to something like 12g. that would be insane to be honest. just keep it low, theres very little reason to cost that much unless you want ppl Riot. i have to spent like 1.45-2 hours just to farm 65g off doing big 3+ events + DC, making gold as of now is already very hard. since naksun/ moonwater tears is dead and there are no reliably way to farm gold beside doing dallies and dungeons. which takes time since gems cost alot of money now once you sent your gems you cannot casually do stuff like Toi/ Trial Arena etc. U have to actually spent time EG 1-2 hours on alts to not lose gold instead
  10. 90g to mail gems between characters

    Guys please do your maths right. Doing all event dungeons + sanctum gives near 60g. Each dallie quest gives like 4-5g each. Mailing and sending back after completing all dallies cost 180g. That means you lose money playing on alts which u do stuff like purple train. Playing on alts meant you are suppose to earn gold, not lose gold. If we have a relable way of farming gold like naksun 3m per 4g then it would be fine. But you guys removed the main source of F2P income. Many players nowadays farm gold through doing dungeons/ dallies alone hence many play alts. Completing all dlalies on alts should gives you gold , not making you lose even more gold which is very stupid. Please see this point Please open your eyes, can you not see how retarded this is? Either you massively increase gold income from all dallie quest or you change this back to 0. Theres 0 point of introducing this system that would hurt and kill so many alts. Our gold economy are not the same as in TW and KR.
  11. 90g to mail gems between characters

    In case you also didn't read. You'll have to spent real cash in order to gain Hongmoon Gems in the first place. which will lead up to thousands of $ to fully max out octa from a fresh character
  12. 90g to mail gems between characters

    Show me the official announcement that they were going to change mailing fees please. if not stop your bullshitting. the only changed im aware of is that they changed the hexa gem from 5g to 0g made it easier for players to access with. They only mention they are doing updates to gems, it never mentions mailing cost They added sparkling venture tokens which are better rewards. and regions like KR has RNG soul upgrades with chance to fails and also other RNG elements which we don't have. which means we are not bound by other regions and players voice matters. and their dallies rewards which gives better gold. On TW being a premium you get free stuff everyday/ gems etc unlike our version of dallies spin. There are actually several big difference between our regions
  13. 90g to mail gems between characters

    It doens't affects ppl like you because you are fine with going with 4AP meanwhile its a massive strike to those whales / ppl who gear up their alts. Upgrading another char from 4AP to full octa on another char would cost up to $3-4k. I geared up my alts to 1K AP because there were no mailing fees of gems in the first place and for special events and mainly for faster runs in everything. The changes to this mail fees comes with no warning, nothing. If anything this is pure money grabbing If you think NC did the right thing with this marketing approach you're wrong. It will only lead more players quitting the game and there are ppl who play on all chars rather than a main. Only very few ppl in their right mind would upgrade another char gems to max if they had octa in first place. and this wont help F8 either since there will be less AP ppl joining and more trap runs. Should this change be permanent there will be ppl requesting refunds and possibly chargeback and more losses of income. We're not the same as in other regions namely our soul upgrades, lowered PVP dallies rewards, better PVP ranking rewards etc
  14. 90g to mail gems between characters

    Thats a very dumb move. Other regions gets alot of gold off killing bosses in dungeons alone. meanwhile we get coppers off killing bosses on our region. do you see the difference? On our region if i do all event dungeons i get roughtly 60-80g. and i need to spend 360g off playing an alt which is ridiculous. I have had 2 unleshed and true souls/ awkened souls on my alts, i geared them up intentionally for 6vs6. so now with your changes my plan is ruined. and i can't even request a full refund on those alt characters. had i know this change is coming i would never ever spent a $ on my alts and would never gear them. You guys went in the right direction back then when gems were 5g each to mail and now they cost nothing. But now you made alts extremely unfriendly and trust me on this with this change alot of ppl wont be playing alts no more. theres just no reason to. do you honestly think whales will get octa on everychar? Whales are not that dumb, and very very few whales are capable of doing this, with your change it even discourage whales who supports the game as a whale and you guys will start to lose some income. Think of it as a whole please, ppl who gear up alts are ppl who spent more on this game, its way more expensive etc. do you really think doing this change will draw more customers? events on gems / special events requires ppl to play alts if they wish to farm more. like previous event where ppl play on 3 characters to get a diamond gem. Im sorry if i sound angry but i am extremely upset and depressed because of this change. and it is very unhealthy for the whole community not just whale matters
  15. 90g to mail gems between characters

    I have no clue why NC did this. I have all octas maxed so i have to use 180g send to another char. then 180g again back to main. Thats pure retarded imo What NC did is going to kill everyone that plays with alts and forces everyone to play only one charcter. I have nearly 2 maxed out alts this hurts really bad. Its like wtf is the point of me gearing them up if it cost 360g each time to play them. Dallies alone gives like dont give that amount of gold in itself. Seriously NC what are you thinking? What you did is going to lose more customers and its very unreasonable