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OW PvP: Evasion or crit?


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Depends on class, and your abilitys to counter/evede skills using yours.


Mostly you dont rly need much EVA, but some Gems, are triggered by Evede/Block and evede dont make weapon durability go down. Next good point of it is that you cant rly evede most range skills, or LMB/RMB of FM. You need some invu for it, becouse once aimed, it gonna hit you if your character gonna evede/block.


Crit trigger most abilitys of skills, and gems like LS, or Focus/Chi regen. It make you deal more dmg too. So booth are good. all depends on class.


Personally i go for CRIT, HP and DEF, becouse you need TONS of Eva to make your hero evede 4 skills constantly, so in OWPvP its kinda ussles, becouse you gonna be spammed by skills sometimes.

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On 2/6/2016 at 0:39 PM, NueHoujuu said:

What's better.

 There was a guide from an assassin player is Korea. I remember him saying you can get up to 90% evasion in world PVP which makes it so you cannot be taken out of stealth. I would go damage to much in PVP. Weapon damage is good enough is your weapon is upgraded. Crit defense mitigates crit and defense mitigates the rest of a players damage. Stacking damage is a sure way to die fast in world pvp. You will have no defense. 

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