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  1. solution to this f2p vs p2w fiasco

    by no realising MMO you mean no in whole world or in west?   There are some which soon come into west and some which gonna be realised on world in onyly 2017:  Moonlight Blade, Soul Worker, New MonHun, Lost Ark, Dragons Dogma Online, Albion Online, New Battlefield Heroes, Ashes of Creations, Dogma Eternal Night, Chronicles of Elyria, Battleforge Reborn, New Dark and Light (Dark and Light 2?), Peria Chronicles.   And its onyly in 2017, so MMO ARE still releasing.
  2. solution to this f2p vs p2w fiasco

    I rly HATE players which cry about f2p vs p2p in BnS. Its 100% not true game is P2W. It DONT give any advantage in PvP or PvE. If you dont pay for game you can get ALMOST EVERYTHING which player which pay have. why almost? Its obvious. He pay so YOU CAN PLAY! You think how F2P games servers manage to exist? From cash shop, and premium membership (which is in cash shop). SO STOP CRYING!!! Im f2p and dont have ANY problems with game. Onyly at start of server some premium members was kinda rude think game belongs to them but not thins change.   As "You" i mean all crying f2p players.
  3. XIGNCODE3 ?

    I didnt write its PROPABLY becouse of edited file, so its obviouse it can be some other problem too. Best example is Windows 10. At laptop i have win10 and i have problems with many games, when on PC where i have win7 everything is fine and most of this games arent even MMO.   Anayi you write you use macro and xing dont do shit, so it dont monitor computer. At least not as much as some ppl think becouse if it does it will kick you automatickly.   And about cheats from asia. somehow i NEVER met asian players which cheat, or use bots/macro. You wanna known why many greate games like Rusty Hearts, or Exteel was shut down? becouse of too many cheats. US/EU (dont sure) players was so good in it they even create program which allow you to add cash shop funds.   Macro used by asian players? I dont think they use them (at least not so much as EU and US players). Look at e-sport. 1st point: its asian players which win in most game. 2nd point asia league have much higher lvl and better prices. If they use it they use onyly implemented in game skill chain system like in Saint Seiya Online. Of course Im not telling there are not even 1 macro user in whole asian community. But its much lower problem than in Europe or US servers.   Something like enebling DPS metter (adding something to UI) isnt cheat, but messing with physics, CD (doesnt matter if you wanna repair something this way or make game eassier for yourself), or changing any other game aspect IS cheating. Ofc if you edit file even just to add something to UI or something like this you still can be banned, becouse messing with game files is against ANY game rules. Its like you wanna be gm in official server without being in developers team. Its hacking game.
  4. XIGNCODE3 ?

    1. somewhere on reddit is already topic from 1 guy which cry about XIngcode3, becouse he cant play with his edited files, so i think it protect.   2. if it dont you wanna tell me its EU and US community which MUST use macro and cheats (ofc im not telling about EVERYONE), when ppl in Asia (at least most of them) can play without something like this? Nice. i just got enlighted. Sad thing is that you realized me such a cruel thing...
  5. XIGNCODE3 ?

    Ok... Im propaably gonna be hated becouse of what i gonna said now, but: Personally i think Xingcode3 is good idea. Its used by most KOR, CH, and JAP MMO servers, and it works just fine. Few days ago 1 guy even writte on faction chat how he edit files and how eassly other players can do that, becouse BnS have shitty anti-cheat program. If you try to tell me that Xingcode3 kick you becouse of using Razor`s product then your totally mistaken. I played many korean MMO, which use Xingcode3 and was NEVER kicked becouse of it (ocasionally got dc becouse of losing connection with VPN gate). Just STOP USING MACRO and you dont have problem. All who wanna said something about VPN: i writte a moment ago: i played games using it even when Xingcode3 was used by it. I dont wanna to offend someone, or be rude, but if you cant acces game at all its propably becouse of edited file (cheating). And i dont think Xingcode3 watch all time what you do on your PC. its opened when your game is opened, and closed after game is closed. Ofc sometimes it can stay open in services. just ctr+alt+del and close it there if your afraid.
  6. Want balance ?

    well... its one of the best idea i heard of. In SAO Memory Defrag (PS4) skills work kinda diffrent in PvP than in PvE and it work great. Same was with Rusty Hearts where some skills was even BLOCKED for pvp (like life steal which onyly 1 character had). But even then you should realize some ppl gona cry game is unbalanced and some class need to be nerfed/buffed.
  7. Servers-Cash Store

    well... as for me its one of the best bonuses, becouse:   - Wardrobe Deposit: I dont rly need it, and im afraid that i forgot to loose some space in inventory before PM gonna end - Daily Dash Additional Spin and Bonus Squares: This one is preatty good bonus, which allow you to get more items from spins, but even without them its ok. - Login Queue Priority: rly? is this needed in this days? USSLESS - Premium Membership Icon: someone need this icon? becouse i dont. - Class-Specific Dazzling Windwalk: This looks cool, but is this as good as bonus gold? - Increased XP Earned from Combat Daily Quests, Field Quests, Arena, Battlegrounds (10-30%): well this one can be compared to bonus gold but onyly till you get some rly high lvl, becouse then you dont even see diffrances - Increased Gathering and Crafting XP: At this point of game every player have MAX lvl of crafting and gethering. At least i think so. - Increased Gold Earned from Combat: for me best benefit. in few moments you cand get tons of gold just by killing mobs. Lets add you get bonus gold even when your party members kill enemy too, so you can just do some dungeon where you get tons of gold by loot, and mobs. - Increased Gold Earned from Daily and Field Quests: next bonus gold. 2nd (or 3rd) best bonus for me. - Increased Zen Beans and Battle Points: its kinda like 2 up there but for PvP. Still i prefere gold bonus, becouse i can farm beans fast even without this. - Increased Celestial Peaches: look up there. - Extra Hongmoon Coins from Combining: i dont rly combine too much so... - Reduced Weapon Evolution and Breakthrough Fees: you get bonus onyly from Rank 4 so you need to put tons of Hcoin/NCcoin into raise your PM lvl, and even then without gold reducing cost dont give anything. still bonus gold is better. - Reduced Marketplace Commission Fees: when you look what reduct it give at which rank (10-10-10-25-25-25-25-25-50-50) you see its not so big, and even without it fee isnt so big. - Reduced Weapon Glamour Fees: I think you use ths option 1-2 times in game, max so... kinda usless - Increased Marketplace Sell Slots: this basic 10 place are enought for me. dunno about others. - Increased Currency Exchange Sell Slots: in this days Currency Exchange is BS, but stil: how many times you plan to sell gold per day? - Faster Chi Recovery: for me totaly USLESS. I almost dont die, and even when i do 20 sec is enoght to chi rcovery. - Windstride Cooldown: rly? cant w8 180s between teleportation? especially you do something between so its not even 180. - Exclusive Tab in Dragon Express: you have there onyly few items, and most of them arent so good. - Sell Items on Dragon Express: kinda usless bonus. you need rank 4, and you can sell items in every other shop without this. - Remote Storage Access: usless for me. i can TP to some storage instead of raise my Premium rank till rank 9. - Hongmoon Store Discount On Select Items: ok. here you have rly good bonus but ONYLY if you buy in hongmoon store(cash shop). so for me usless.   as you can see i dont need/use most of bonuses.     And personally i dont see point of buying max lvl character (lvl50 start) and full gear upgrade at the beginning. whats the point of this, and wheres the fun. For me MMO is about struggle to get stronger than anyone with player skills, reaction speed and trying again and again till you get succusfull, not by "POWER OF WALLET". Diffrent way its just going eassy way without any fun.                    
  8. Servers-Cash Store

    I found funny movie for all who think BnS is Pay2Win: [Removed due to language violation - PhoenixMitra]     True ppl which dont buy in cash shop upgrade gear longer and dont create character lvl 50 from the verry begining, but that doesnt mean they dont have skill to beat cash shop players. Onyly item which give true advantage is Premium membership (bonus gold from killing mobs) but you still can get it from players (send message on chat), or subscribe newslater. Once in a while then give bonus membership codes for all who subscribe.
  9. Skill Tree

    1. lets start from that i didnt said you want to reach gold by farming lv30. I just said it dont have sense for me to have that kind of matchups.   2. I agree with you that low lvl characters gaining more points is not fair and i said it from the begining (its onyly point of your 1st post i didnt writte about, and agree in previous one).   3. About AP = my mistake, sorry, but arena isnt onyly pvp in this game. there is battle groud and faction to, where you have AP, so... but still my mistake.   4. At start you didnt want 2 rankings, but said: " Now the only unfair thing is that low level gain more points in arena, loses less points AND face weaker opponents. "   5. Low lvl got matchup with low lvl is giving them enemys on same lvl difficulty. At least in theory, becouse game dont known if they are new players or is this new acc/character of some pro/good, returning/active player which wanna eassy wins and fast rank up. Looking at this i dont think NCSoft gonna make 2nd ranking.
  10. Skill Tree

    but even now you have advantages of higher HM lvl. but now its not in skills but in AP which now give you much higher bonuses than skills in old days.   And decide: once you said its not fair to made diffrent lvl fight, and in next moment its ok for you just becouse he can lvl up to gold fighting olyly ith low lvl players. You wanna lvl 30 fight lvl 50HM20 all time? for me no sense. Onyly thing i see which isnt fair is that more points gaining/losing.
  11. Gunner/Gunslinger class

    about poh and her sis hair: its accesory. you can get IDENTICAL hair for Gon as Poh sister (bomb NPC), when other classes have a little shorter hairs. You can get it via /mod folder. And isnt Poharan Hae Mujin granddoughter? Hae Mujin is Gon, so... ofc i can be mistaken, and she can be some half jin half gon, or more jin than gon.
  12. Skill Tree

    lol. how old skill was unfair? it was 100% fair. and how unfair is lower lvl fight weaker enemys? in theory they are weaker too so... onyly thing which make sense in your post is this about losing/gaining more points.
  13. Want balance ?

    I gonna said this again: NCsoft propably dont gonna change anything, just becouse 1-3 person write something. It need to be WHOLE community. and rly... Assasins OP? how? Sleath? dont be funny pls... just hit him once and you can see him again so all targets gonna work, and even without this aoe/line skills work at him witout it. Assasins are my favourite enemys at pvp, becouse for me its eassiest to beat them. onyly thing that i hate in them is when sin hit you, and , use poison, and run for the rest of the fight, so he win by points. Summoners: i rly hate them, sometimes think this class should be recreated, but then i rethink whole fight with him, analize it, and try to win. its terrible enemy for almost every class, but from what i heard its not so eassy to play (dunno about that, becouse i dont have so much nerve to play him till lvl50 HM20). Blade Dancer: i think its onyly class which should be repaired at some points, but onyly becouse NCsoft made their own game balance from the verry beginning, but its still possible to beat him. You said his def ability should be lowered, when in true its his def+dmg which make him so strong, and its becouse of balance i said. Soon it propably gonna be changed, becouse of new skills. Warlock: Thral and SB... pls... He can`t have SB buff and summoned Thral at same time, so tell Thral OR SB. still how do you immagine Onmiyoji without summon? At this moment he have lowest base hp i think (not sure), and almost every his skills like chain can be escaped even without escape skills. Thral is onyly time limited. Lets add it dont have so much hp, so if Warlock try to hide bahind it just use aoe skill which stun/freeze so you block Warlock and deal dmg for booth Thral and Warlock and kill them preatty eassy. Class like destro whcich have good aoe (Q) just DESTROY warlock and thral in a moment this way. As classes which are typical target just focus warlock and push him. FM: Wen you said about deffense ability of other class look at ice statue of FM, which HEAL him when idiots attack him, or someone accidently lay at him 1/2 hits (if he have good gear its rly hice heal). Lets add all freeze and push away so he can get distance from enemy if he wanna. If you notice this you see that Assasin deffinitly isnt OP. Im not saying FM is. Just look at other classes.   Now classes which are deffinitly NOT OP: BladeMaster: its much weaker ver. of BladeDancer (as for me) so i dont even need to writte. KFM: just watch out for counters, when you fight with him, and when you play as him he isnt so eassy to stunlock as this look. SoulFighter: Fusion of KFM and FM, but weaker than booth of them. deffinitly not OP. Destroyer: true he have tons of stuns, knockdowns, dazes, but lack dmg so hard, and all his combos can be eassly interupted/escaped, so... lets not even talk how much they nerf him.   Players in this game ver. just like to cry to nerf other classes. i rly hate this... guys write to NCsoft group petition to made game look like korean ver or just stop.
  14. 26 lvl = gold

    if you see character 100% RESIST all time you can be sure its bot (at least if your good). Most of them use hacks/abuse bugs, etc. Once i met with BM and it wasnt matter what i use on him he was ALL TIME at RESIST (game show message when i hit), even when i was bahind him.
  15. The three most unreasonably buffed classes.

    when we talk about balance: True we gonna get skills from kor update, which should balance game, but most players forgot about one thing when talk about thins: base stat change from beggining. in Kor ver. BD have LOWEST base dmg, when in this ver. he have one of the best. Destro have middle base dmg, when here he have shitty. NCsoft from the verry beggining make "game balance which is needed for europe and america". As for me they shuld make EVERYTHING same as in kor ver. Im not crying about some class. For me summoner always was pain in ass, but its becouse i ALWAYS hate tamers, both: playing as them and vs them. Gonna say it like this: which class is total unbalanced? Every class we dont play currently.