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  1. Gunslinger worst in pvp? Is this joke? If you known at least a little what your doing instead staying in one place and waiting till enemy come to you you just rekt him. This class have so insine dmg, its mobile as hell, counter (range class with this mobility with counter O.O), and whats more it have 5 sec immunity where he can still run and attack you. Oh lets add Gunslinger can hide weapon almost instanlty when other class need to wait someting like 3+ sec without attacking/being attacked. As Gunslinger you need to just LMB+shift and your free to fast run, glide, etc. (not like you need it),
  2. its not firewall problem, but antyvirus program (especialy avast can case problems). Add BnS to exceptions. If it is there already, remove and add again. it should solve problem. If not then you can delete xingcode folder. it will be downloaded again. it helps sometimes from what i heard.
  3. I tink you wasnt play at game start if your upset becouse of something like that. We had much more servers back then, but we got queqe for even 1.5hour+.
  4. It can be rly nice class for alt character or even main, BUT its deffinitly too OP, and from what i talk in game im not onyly person which think this way.
  5. From what i known its opposite. My friend have problem with sending outfit to his 2nd character, and they transfer it for him without any problems, and dont take even one stamp, even though it was his foult to buy stamps on wrong character.
  6. Im not sure about this item, but most upgrade locked items can be destroyed to get good reward like similar stat weapon, mats, and gold, which allow you to upgrade fast. Lets add you can just get new items (eather way you still need to change them sooner or later so...). I dont wanna be like this jerks you talking about, but i talk from my expirance.
  7. After update i have just TERRIBLE laggs and deley on PvP. In Open world, or dungeons everything is ok, but in PvP sometimes i cant even use skill, or at Furry I can hit 1-2 times, and then buff worn out. Somethng is deffinitly not ok.
  8. WL is ok for Lyn (the whole communication with spirits), but they can be truly annoyng with how they hide using trall so you cant use aim skill on them. But Yun deffinitly should have WL, which is typical mage class. WOuld be awsome to see Yun WL.
  9. so i kinda ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed ths time. sold it and lose one day... well.. its one day onyly.
  10. y. Yun should get Warlock instead of Gunner, but well. Im kinda happy its Jin+Yun not Jin+Lyn. This way i can create at least Yun. I prefere Gons, but Yuns are ok too. Jins are like young shounen manga main heroes with burning passion, when Lyns are race for pedophiles. Booth are not for me. Gunslinger class isnt so fun itself, so it propably never become my main (at least if they dont nerf it). I would prefere if Gon get some spear class soon instead of gunner (which i was so hyped for before release).
  11. You known what? i dont even known what to answer, so i propably just pass, but one advice: wiki is created by fans, which can put there whenever they wanna, so get info from game. If you wanna get it from korean ver. translate it yourself.
  12. Same thing. At bottom of screen i have 103, but in mailbox i have 4 items (ussles ugly outfit parts). Already send ticket, but i can say onyly this: *Clap, clap* Great job with this update.
  13. rly... whats wrong with ppl this days... why 90% of population start to have fetish of small kids?
  14. Like I write above I dont rly care anymore about Gon getting Gunner. In my personal opinion Gon fit gunner better than Yun, but well... mayby its better he didnt get this class (mayby he get next class and it gonna looks like one of this i write in post above). Hope we all gonna have fun playing BnS together as old or new class.
  15. lol. what kind of vendetta? becouse i said Lyn shouldnt get gunslinger it mean i have something against them? NO. Ofc i can said it openly i dont like this race, but i dont see any vendetta you write about. Dont even put fireball here pls... trowing fireballs from hands in most movies, storys mangas etc. dont need from you high physical power if its magic, or pyrocynetic ability. About sword i write you already: there are many ways to made sword: best blacksmith use light steel inside, and hard outside. This way sword is lighter, and more durable. Lets add this is wu-xia ty
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