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  1. you need have booth on Europe or booth on America. then after 5 titans you just wait till event ends and voila you get code/outfit.
  2. There is nothing about Poh being unlocked by completing the 5 titan ruins 5v5 matches. Only about outfit. Look in MxM in "Master" tab. You can check there what you need to get characters. Blackram was avialiby yesterday, today is diffrent dungeon (where you get items which are needed for Ghost Widow). BTW: even if there will be some event to get Poh for 5 titans matchs you still need poh eyepach to upgrade her weapon, so you still need to farm a little that dungeon. Its rly eassy so i dont see problem. I got her in 1st day of game and max her weapon and skills i wanna use (Gattling jump, Shotem up and Bratatata).
  3. to unhock poharan in MXM you need to get 30 Poharan eyepatch (in blackram shipyard), then you can buy her for 11 Sol. About outfit you get it Junly 12 or something like this.
  4. *** Lyn. he already have 2 exclusive class (summoner and BD), and one of them is one of strongest in game (BD), when 2nd is most annojing one (summoner). Gon need some love too. Its almost dead race, when there are still plenty of Lyns. Deadpool approve Gon Gunner not Lyn Gunner. If gon dont get gunner why Lyn should get it? There were Gon gunner in game story, when Lyn Gunner doesn`t exist. By lore Lyn is typical mage, and guys which communicate with spirits. they rather should get some new mage class in future, instead of class which shoot enemy to death by bullets, and as ultimate skll (lvl55) take long range rifle from as* just to make one powerfull shoot. In future content we propably gonna get machingun, or granage luncher (like Poh skills, which as ally use 2 guns, and take other type of guns for 1-2 attacks).
  5. If you didnt add some pic/movie then no way devs gonna react. Of course if many players report one player even without picture/movie then devs PROPABLY gonna check logs. And its good that devs dont delete every player that got 1 report (even though they can check logs, etc.), ecouse there are TONS of players which report every player which kill them/beat on arena wthout any evidance and any reason other than lose duel BTW: from what i known its against rules to post players nick on forum, but i dont rly care. P.S. PK is part of every MMO game, so if somoene wanna kill players he can. In BnS its kinda more "closed" than in most games, but you still have faction outfits. When you dress faction outfit you agree for PvP, and you can be killed any time. Your choice to do that or dont, and when or where you do that.
  6. well... so many players agree that Gon should be allowed to choose gunner class, then devs should at least reconsider this (and i hope they gonna agree and add Gon Gunner).
  7. yes. its holy true. there was not even single one Yun gunner in whole game story. there was Gon and Jin, and this is next point why Gon should get this class.
  8. so KR show Gunner/maestro ultimate skill. He swap weapon into long range rifle for one powerfull shot. In future contents we propably gonna get more skills, and this ultimate show us how gunner gonna look: weapon swap for 1-2 shoots. i think character which carry with him 2 guns, rifle, ammo, and in future propably even more weapons should be gon.
  9. In true best costume you can get is clan crafted costume (but its pain in ass to craft it) You desing it from the verry beggining to the verry end.
  10. y, but after Gon and Kun/Yun (which was planed to be onyly playeble SF). Jin SF was added becouse community wannetd Jin SF so much.
  11. thats why i created this topic: to show devs we players wanna Gon Gunner. Deadpool approves this too.
  12. Even though i LOVE Gons, my favs are: 1. Yura 2. Poharan 3 Jinsoyun
  13. Jinsoyun and zulia as child isnt Lyn. Like i said in one of my prev posts: they "have appirance of Lyn" becouse race like Yun don`t offer "parts" to create little child. Lets add there is even profile which allow you to made child Jinsoyun, and its for YUN, becouse players get files from game and put it on YT (child, normal, and transformed). If you think they are Lyn becouce they can be copy almost identical onyly as Lyn in creator which players got, then 99% of child population in BnS are Lyns. O.O how can this be? Are Lyns in some age decide which race they wanna be, or all other races are doomed becouse of to high death rate compared to birth? About Poh: she can looks like Jin if she is mix blood. If she have grandfather she IS Gon in some point. she can even be Gon (by hae mujin), Jin (by his wife), Yun(by mother), which give us: Gon, Yun, Jin mix, which allow her to get appirance of any of this races. BTW: if she isnt at least in a liitle part Gon, how can she use, dual pistol, giant machinegun, and rocket luncher at some time? And yes she use them when she is your ally: DP as normal attack, and machinegun, and rocket luncher as skills. I cant imagine Jin having so much strangh to carry all this weapons. eather way: If Deadpool approves how somene can dont approves?
  14. thats why i hate any kind of class restriction (even though giant, muscule, scary Gon sumoner would looks kinda funny with this cute cat). I always pick race which looks best for me, and im always being sad why it dont have class i wanna most (well sometimes it have). Eather way this topic is about giving Gon gunner not about other races and they classes (but we can try give some pressure on devs in this aspect too).
  15. It was rly long time ago when i was on that story, so its possible. My mistake about this point, but still, how can you dont see smallest race can`t be assasin? Small size allow him to hide much more eassy than bigger jin. But i think its mechanic based choice to dont give him assasin (small size). Yes he was, and he is Jin: Jack of all trades. Try to understund this... Lets add Jin have all classes Lusung was. O.O Where you see tail and ears? No tail and ears= no lyn. simple. Yun cant create model as small to look like child, so they decide to use Yun model. Simple. At least for me. Look point above. Poharan is HALF Gon, due to Hae mujin being her grandfather. She dont need to have everyone in her family as Gon to have Gon blood in veins. Yes, but dont look onyly at creator too. Some characters are blood mixed (like Poh), or child, so Gon/Yun/Jin parts CAN`T be used to create them. No one justyfi characters ONYLY by size (at leasr i think that), and like you said: race still gonna have theyr animation. Lets add some races have something which made them impossible to mistake with others. Lyn always gonna have tail and ears, so even with Jin high you known its Lyn, and vice versa, Gemale Gon always gonna have bigger tits than Yun, and male Gon always gonna have bigger muscule mass than male Jin I dont even gonna said about how male Gon chin looks compared to other races. You cant change that. Yes elves = Bow, which is ranged weapon, but Bow isnt Gun. Elves can be best marksman in galaxy, or enev whole universe, but they are still magic and fantasy weapon oriented, and Yun is race which even in descryption have it written. Yun "Mysterious and elegant, the Yun inherited the powerful spirit of the Phoenix. Known for their other-worldly beauty and aptitude for the arts, this all female race prefers to commune with nature rather then live within the confides of modern or urban society." Gun is modern weapon so its totaly not for Yun. At the end of this post i wanna add i known classes in game isnt given to races by how characters from story use them, but lore can be used as argument, becouse devs can start thinking about it then. I high of NPC dont decide about they race, but like i write: creator which we have don`t do it too.