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Any good guides available?


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I just cracked level 30 and pretty much just hit Tab-1-RM-F-RM-F-RM-F-RM-F-RM-F-RM-F-RM-F-RM-F-RM-F-RM-F. Well, sometimes I just around the enemy spamming LM-RM and 3 and 4 off cooldown. I have no idea what I should be putting points into. I want to do a lightning build. I have been trying to find a good guide online that covers builds but can really find any that makes any sense. Does anybody have any leads? I understand that you need to stack poison...but after that I am completely at a loss of what I should be doing. Also, does it matter what weapons I use to level up my main weapon? I have just been using whatever i find.




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The dps for sins is really simple, you already have the main rotation your priority is to keep stacking poison on your target and spam RM F RM F RM F when you are at the end of your stealth stance and if you have a poison on your target use Shadow drain if you haven't poison on your target then Shadowless step and LM, RM F RM F RM F when u are at the end of your stealth stance then go for Shadow drain, RM F RM F RM F at the end of your stealth use X and when you are in the Decoy stance use Hook kick (Tab) and repeat, if you are on CD for refreshing your stealth stance then you can put poison with 4 TAB 1 and repeat RM F RM F etc etc... It's the main rotation I use. For the build it differs if you are with a group or if you are roaming alone.

Must have ability points should go there: https://bnstree.com/AS?build=450000000032120210034103421019111112319921

I use this one in a group for dungeon: https://bnstree.com/AS?build=450000000032120210034103421019111112300532199210123114232006230092121432 AoE Poison is good with the regen for packed trashmobs, I like the AoE bomb and the flower for res my mates. If I go poh4-6 I use the smoke shuriken instead of the AoE Bomb


There are no real build type, I mean you have must have skills to put points but for the rest of points you can use which one you prefer. It depends with your playstyle. For soloing I will try some build when the mushin will be released, most of the time and against certain bosses you have to change some skill in your skilltree. 


And if you want to have an idea with the popular builds for PvP keep an eye here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FQPf1drgC-aacGBitT6QAFqAQpPZo_b6sQQEd1iugj0/preview and here 

Hope it will helps u, i'm not pro sins, but I played a lot before the european release I just shared you my opinion and my mainly rotation in PvE.



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