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  1. I currently have the Awakened Infernal Dagger stage 10, Profane Shield set, Awakened Infernal Necklace, Ring and Earrings (some mot maxed) I am sitting in Misty woods. I am assuming that Chapter 1: The Road to Darkness is the new story quest correct? I do want to play casually, and if I have to still do the 45 grind and THEN the 50 grind I won't be considering end game as an option since as I recall, the original 45 grind was a turn off to begin with. I am hoping I can bypass 45 and move straight to 50 through questing an not be punished for it.
  2. Hi, I leveled an assassin to 45 and then stopped playing before getting involved in end game. I didn't run any of the max level dungeons etc. Now that the cap is increased, what should I do? Do I just quest up to 50 or do I need to do the 45 purple dungeons etc? I am kind of lost :( Thanks
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