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  1. Thanks it works perfectly for me :D
  2. Oh :o I tought it was my fault if I havn't others effect skill :O I have nothing in arena and in open world for others and my effect aren't that detailed than before... I can't see any particles from the skills of others players I tought it was because I did a disk cleanup... I'm trying to solve the problems but I found 0 solution -_- I tried to maximize the ingame graphism, I tried with the Nvidia Panel or I tried to reinstall the game etc etc ... But it didn't works. When the patch was released I didn't have that problems in open world, my skills effect was perfect... But now I don't have d
  3. He has 300k HP in KR coz they had only profane weapon when they released mushin and no HM.
  4. QQ nerf it plz its impossible PLZ nerf stage 7th plz can't kill him QQ better nerf it plz go nerf nerf nerf nerf nerffffffffffffffffffffff... You are *cricket*in depressant with this *cricket*in lowbrain 7th floor the game is already too easy the only "difficult" is bsh4. Learn how to play your class before QQing. Seriously why u always have to cry when u can't do anything against a boss or something. Mushin its a solo area. If it's solo => U can do it with all the classes. Logics I guess. The 7th floor is a crap, SS and use defensive skills when he's unstoppable with his combo.
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