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Dungeons needs a overall improvement!


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Dungeons seriously needs a fix here...

I played some dungeons on my KFM last day and i have to say it was a challange.


First of all what makes it a problem is that it's to much clutter and the danger zones are not seen that easy (the red area on the ground) 

When there is 4-6 Players + fighting at a boss or against some trash there is so many ground clutter abilitys taking up all the visual sight and sometimes makes it hard to see the danger zone from the bosses or from the trash monsters.


Also there is a huge problem fighting trash sometimes becuase when there is that many players fighting a monster i can't sometimes see where the guy is looking or where his turning around to becuase again, of all the clutter. 

For me as KFM i'll get 1 shot from many monster unless i can relie on my counter and dashes but i can't do that when i can't even see where the mob is turned or avoid the danger zones becuase of the clutter covering it.


What am saying is that you need to HIGHLIGHT that RED Danger zone a lot more and better.

Also have a red circle around every monster and put up a arrow on this circle that shows you the direction his looking, in that way i know who he is attacking. 


I say this becuase it's annoying and hard as hell to play the game when i can't see certain stuffs. I raided a lot in wow and this is just some of the stuffs i want to see a improvement of. 

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12 hours ago, Starrksensei said:

well milions of other players doesn't have problem with them, adjust your video settings than focus on telegraphs and it will be k.

Give it a month, these dungeons are going to ruin the game. I doubt they have a million now, differently won't have it then lol

Good thing this game is free to play huh.

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