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  1. First ones and last ones are awesome, nice work!
  2. The first thing I really had to strugle killing in mmorpgs in like 6 years as a new player and I freaking love it. Learn to play and stop whining about everything, cuz u can't do it with mashing two buttons..
  3. Check shiro's guide on mushin: I know he is god KFM, but ffs you should always keep going up instead of looking for excuses!
  4. Well as KFM it's pretty easy as long as you: have righ path in block(1) so you can block his draw stance combo, use "c" q/e/ss properly and you run dmg tab, so it gives huge dmg and lifesteal that saved me alot of times.
  5. well I did him with true profane weapon with 15att gem and infernal accessory and still had 40s left, so yea... you'd better spend more time training it. Took me solid 8 hours to learn, but now I clear 1-7f in like 15-25minutes depending on day :P
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