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  1. I spent around 50§ on this game and haven't spent a § more since a week back now when i started to occure bugs that started to annoy the hell out of me, like AH bugs, can't buy or sell items without getting errors. The insane bad performance it gives me for the PC spec i have. I haven't even reached max level becuase it's given me a bad taste already. I have a 43 destroyer and 41 KFM. Not spending a cent more until i see improvements.
  2. I don't need to direct shi.t to you, and you knew what i ment so don't be stupid. It's getting bad reviews becuase it doesn't have much content compared to other MMO's out in the market today, matter it's new or old. Even the korean full version doesn't provide much compared to other MMO's so get a clue you white knight.
  3. Well i haven't read them but i could guess why queit simple. First of all the game has little to much no content, level cap is low and it's not much of a whole to do in the game. Especially to other "MMO's" Also the amount of bugs, and other similar stuffs are just hilarious at the moment, i haven't been able to use AH for 3 days... However it's a nice game but it seriously needs a lot more love before even considering going over 5/10
  4. Indeed. Sure 2 char slots are LOW "compared" to other games, free or not. But 5§ for a character slot aint worth crying a river for, i bought one extra myself.
  5. OK.. so what game exactly doesn't have this kind of problem? There is gold sellers in almost any game and this questing route: Run here, collect that, kill that exists in all the games. Even WoW has 90% of their quests so not sure what the *cricket* you're complaining on.
  6. No clue tho. Gender = Appearance, that's how it works in World of Warcraft and other mmo games i been in at least. but can't tell for sure.
  7. Can't u do that already? Use the voucher in the store.
  8. I think you know what i mean. Basically wow has been around for almost 12 years, including those 12 years of content, lore, items, whatever. There is a huge world of stuffs to do things and OVERALL the game has a insane amount of stuffs compared to any other MMO. That doesn't make wow the best, becuase it never been so SHITY as it is now, i played it since END TBC and still do today but like i said, no other MMO is the same as WoW or close to even the same good, otherwise we'd have another MMO ranked as #1 today. Simply becuase they don't give a shit if wow is t
  9. Well it's not even to compare, thus WoW is SHIT today it's still a lot more polished with content and what much else than B&S and any other MMO out there. but again, it's shit today for veteran players but "OVERALL" wow is still ahead tons of games with a lot of stuffs.
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