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  1. Indeed. Sure 2 char slots are LOW "compared" to other games, free or not. But 5§ for a character slot aint worth crying a river for, i bought one extra myself.
  2. I think you know what i mean. Basically wow has been around for almost 12 years, including those 12 years of content, lore, items, whatever. There is a huge world of stuffs to do things and OVERALL the game has a insane amount of stuffs compared to any other MMO. That doesn't make wow the best, becuase it never been so SHITY as it is now, i played it since END TBC and still do today but like i said, no other MMO is the same as WoW or close to even the same good, otherwise we'd have another MMO ranked as #1 today. Simply becuase they don't give a shit if wow is t
  3. Well it's not even to compare, thus WoW is SHIT today it's still a lot more polished with content and what much else than B&S and any other MMO out there. but again, it's shit today for veteran players but "OVERALL" wow is still ahead tons of games with a lot of stuffs.
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