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  1. Along with some other updates. Unless you didn't know of course, but here is a link if u didn't know :)
  2. The forums are ugly

    Kappa, can't even read t hat forum.
  3. This game went from 100 to 0 Real quick!

    I spent around 50§ on this game and haven't spent a § more since a week back now when i started to occure bugs that started to annoy the hell out of me, like AH bugs, can't buy or sell items without getting errors. The insane bad performance it gives me for the PC spec i have. I haven't even reached max level becuase it's given me a bad taste already. I have a 43 destroyer and 41 KFM. Not spending a cent more until i see improvements.
  4. Does AH work now?

    Is it worth even logging on again? as last time, (2 days ago) AH went down all the freaking time if u scrolled tabs etc. Working now? so i can play the game.
  5. Why I'm quitting this game.

    You know that this game runs better on old PC versions, right? Obviously you didn't see what problems people had with even GTX 980+ u can see my PC Spec below and i don't even get 30fps + on world bosses / WPVP- GG yeah i need better PC that runs BF4+ on ultra 125% rendering 64 players. Kappa can't run 30+ people with 30+ fps in BnS.
  6. 2 weeks and game is allready dead. wow....

    I wouldn't say the game is dead but it certinaly went down the hill fast for vast reasons. I haven't been online for like 3 days now and it's becuase i am so damn sick of that the Auction House isn't working as intended and the HUGE OVERALL BAD Performance the game has it's just a cluser-shit for me to play and i don't like it. Still a nice game, but it seriously lacking a lot of improvements. BUT HEY! What game doesn't.
  7. 2 weeks and game is allready dead. wow....

    Yeah i know but it's still the biggest server, unless you have some other "source" or statics that u can prove it with. Queues aren't that high at this time anyway. No source, all you can do is guess. Last source and according to queue times, Windrest is highest. So yeah, again, once u have paper proves u can prove me wrong :)
  8. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Well now you know mate. Learn from your mistakes. All kind of these RNG things is the same. It's like imagine yourself at a casino, what's the % of you hitting the jackpot? not that high.
  9. Good EU servers

    Windrest highest populated next up by ebon hall.
  10. New RNG Box in Shop!

    LOL... that you even considered buying these boxes makes you dumb enough, now you got what you deserved. Don't do that like that again, that's what makes them contiune adding shit like this, becuase people buy them and then you got butt-fkt.
  11. New RNG Box in Shop!

  12. Maintenance fail?

    It's bull-shi.t when they say it's on our side / DNS side. I've recently even Re-installed my whole PC and done whatever possible with the internet and i still have the same error after installing the game again and it's been 4 DAYS since it began and like i said, are still there. it's their problem, not ours.
  13. Will you quit B&S IF

  14. Attention NCSoft: Relook Premium

    Yep... & Yeah again. I have like you, spent money on premium and some keys, a total amount of maybe 50§ on this game and now i am done until i see new changes to the prices or account wide costumes etc, more bag/bank spaces. This is queit a shame, but like i said, i didn't regret paying 50§, now i feel like i supported them and it's now up to them to prove what they're going for and make some good changes becuase what i get out for 15§ a month for premium is no longer worth it, as i can like you said, spend these money on World of Warcraft as a sub there or maybe start again with FFXIV that actually gives more for the amount of money, maybe save up to some Guild Wars 2 expansion. These 50§ i spent here could bought be GW2 EXP or WoW legion EXP but i rather spent it here. Now i have more money to spend and are again not complaining nor regreting it, i am simply comparing the value of the money i spent. So at the end of your post you said you're done with spending money here, . SO AM I. and i also suggest others to be done with it until future do.