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Game crashes caused by Razer SDK [Solved]


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So before the last update, you could just shut down Razer Chroma SDK Service and you could run game without a single crash. But now, you have to enable it to run the game otherwise, your game will crash once Blade&Soul logo shows up. I figured out a way to solve this without a single crash.

Follow these few steps:

1. Keep 'Razer Chroma SDK Service' open

2. Log into game and start playing a bit

3. press CTRL + ALT + DEL and choose 'Task Manager'

4. In Processes choose 'Razer Chroma SDK Service' and shut it down

5. Go back to game and have fun :)


Once you shut down Razer Chroma SDK Service, your game might spikes a bit, try not to move while that happen and then it should be stable.

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if you want to re-enable 'Razer Chroma SDK Service'.

Follow these few steps: 

1. Go to Task Manager

2. Choose Services at the top

3. go to 'Razer Chroma SDK Service' and right click on it

4. Press 'Start'


Hope this helped

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I'm getting the similar crash BnScrashreport after the dragons loading up the game and ive uninstalled all my razor software ive disabled a bunch of shit including my firewall ive submitted a ticket and been trying to fix it with a dev for about 2hours now and everything and i just bought 30days membership this is *cricket*ing ridiculous 

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Here's my automated method...


  1. Open Notepad (Click Start -> Type notepad -> Press Enter)
  2. Paste the code in the quote below...
  3. Save as a BAT (File -> Save As... -> Choose location (I suggest Desktop) -> File name: BnSRazerLaunch.BAT -> Save as type: All Files (*.*))
  4. Run the BAT when you launch the game from now on.

@echo off
color 0b
title BnS Razer Temp Fix
REM Change BNSDIR to match your install directory.
set BNSDIR=%programfiles(x86)%\NCWest\NCLauncher
REM Do not change BNSVAR. It will be the same for everyone.
set BNSVAR=\NCLauncher.exe" /LauncherID:"NCWest" /CompanyID:"12" /GameID:"BnS" /LUpdateAddr:"updater.nclauncher.ncsoft.com"
goto precheck

REM This is to check for elevation. It's required for changing services.
whoami /groups | find "S-1-16-12288" > NUL
if not "%errorlevel%"=="0" (
    color 0c
    echo You did not run this as administrator!
    echo You will be prompted for elevation in a moment...
    powershell -ex unrestricted -Command "Start-Process -Verb RunAs -FilePath '%comspec%' -ArgumentList '/c %~fnx0 %*'"
goto bnsrun

echo Checking Razer Chroma SDK Service...
sc queryex "Razer Chroma SDK Service" | find /I /N "4  RUNNING" > NUL
if not "%errorlevel%"=="0" net start "Razer Chroma SDK Service"
echo Launching BNS...
echo Login to the Launcher and launch the game...
echo Waiting for game...
timeout /t 6 /NOBREAK > NUL
tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq Client.exe" 2>NUL | find /I /N "Client.exe">NUL
if not "%errorlevel%"=="0" (
    timeout /t 6 /NOBREAK > NUL
    echo Still waiting...
    goto bnswait
timeout /t 30 /NOBREAK > NUL
echo Closing NCLauncher...
taskkill /im NCLauncherR.exe
echo Stopping Razer Chroma SDK Service...
net stop "Razer Chroma SDK Service"
echo Complete!
timeout /t 3 /NOBREAK > NUL


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Hi there.  I just installed this game and made it. . . not very far before I started encountering crashing issues.  After a bit it stopped launching all together.  I've done the fixes you've offered up but I still cant get it passed the logo that pops up right before I get a failure to launch notification.  Any ideas?

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I haven't been able to play from the patch on Friday crashes at start had 10 different people trying to help on support  throwing diffident ways to deal with the problem at hand .... Delete all flies on raze did Hijack to screen shots MSCONFIG  ,then

  • cmd.exe"" and select ""Run as Administrator.""
  • Type ""netsh winsock show catalog >C:\LSP.txt"Please try a repair of the game installation http://download.bladeandsoul.com/BnS_Lite_Installer.exe : http://www.piriform.com/speccy/download/standard  Once downloaded, double click executable to start the installation process. NOTE - Before moving on to step 3 please log into WildStar and then all the way into a character if possible. (You may need to ALT +Tab to get back to your desktop if the game is being run in fullscreen mode.)Marc Saturday at 02:54 hmm not playing WILDSTAR lol http://launcher.patcher.ncsoft.com/NC-Launcher/NC-LauncherSetup.exeNel Saturday at 18:17 ane Yesterday at 16:09
    Hello there,
    We apologize for the recent crash and disconnection issues you experienced after the maintenance. Rest assured we are working hard on a fix for these issues.
    In the meantime, you can try the suggested workaround posted in our knowledge base article about the recent crash and disconnection issues if you are using Razer peripherals:
    If the work-around above doesn’t work, you can also try uninstalling your Razer software and restarting your PC as a temporary solution. Our team is currently working closely with Razer on a solution for these issues.
    In addition, you can also check out to the following forum thread for potential fixes: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/162803-new-patch-supportfix-thread/?page=1Mark Yesterday at 21:22

    Thank you for the update.

    Unfortunately, optimization is still an on-going process. I am going to pass along this information to the development team so they are aware of the matter but for the time being, you may need to wait until those performance optimizations are released for this issue to be resolved.

    Our teams are actively posting in the following thread in regards to optimization as well as changes and updates, so I would highly encourage checking in to the thread every now and then for more information.

    This is where our departments go to collect the various issues and suggestions for the game.: Blade and Soul forums: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/forums/

    Also feel free to check on our Twitter account or Facebook page.
    http://www.twitch.tv/bladeandsoulAl Today at 09:32
    Hello there,

    Again, I want to apologize for any inconvenience and frustration that this issue may have caused but I greatly appreciate your patience as we continue to work through these issue.

    We are currently working for a long term fix on this game crash issue. We advise to regularly check the forums for updates.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any additional issues, questions or concerns Now what 2 do lol ..Haven't been able to play 4 days now ,so don't complain about lag problems plz what you re getting 100 ping on that must be bad i play on 250 and do it well ,but don't do area ...Cease that would be bad.....
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13 minutes ago, iamshinobi said:

WEll you should get a job with thees guys as you do a better job than them lol.....

I wish... I'd love to work for NCSoft, but the stuff I know is way too limited. I'd bet they'd prefer programmers and translators. 

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