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  1. heh thats what makes it fun 1v4 lego
  2. NA Servers Sudden Lag Spikes

    Just started leveling my destroyer got my throat grab was slamming hoes and im missing all the awesome animations because of this lag Q.Q
  3. NA Servers Sudden Lag Spikes

    Same thing is happening to me im getting massive lag thought it was my internet until i saw this
  4. Need tips for Force Master Please

    okay thanks for the tips guys :)
  5. BM - all they do is spam block constantly then dash air combo me then spam block again now i do use my X that counters the block but not for long i also try the Q and E to dash behind them and frost them but as soon as i do this they release block turn and block instantly i struggle a lot vsing a bm that does this. Assassins - im not sure how to get them out of invis as of now im just using my 1 when they sub behind me to strike them instantly out of invis but sometimes they evade it and then i lose sight of them and get combo'd need help with this pls BD - i just need some tips to counter there spins as it fks me over Summoners - i just need some tips in general they aren't a threat just annoying and i'd like to have some general knowledge Thanks in advance for any help
  6. New RNG Box in Shop!

    but i want the virtual one
  7. If you think Summoners are OP, consider this...

    Destroyers are aids.
  8. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Will this costume every be obtainable by just buying it for like 20$ from store? i dont have like 50$ to spend on fkn boxes with like a 1% chance of getting it but i really want the fkn costume
  9. New RNG Box in Shop!

    I want the black padded coat sooooo bad Q.Q Q.Q Q.Q Q.Q
  10. New Outfit Picture

    You can look yourself click F3 it will take you to wardrobe where there is every single costume in the game im pretty sure then click it and preview
  11. Destroyer's VS Assassin is a bad joke.

    Destroyers are the joke here.
  12. Bangle colors

    Please add more colors for our weapons the basic orangeish red, white and green get boring especially when every other class has a bunch of different weapon looks like imagine a black bangle or blue you know what i mean moooore variety please! im sure force masters will agree
  13. WTFast Question

    i'll screenshot it for you when i next get on MAster hong
  14. WTFast Question

    okay thanks man!